Catholic assembly: EU must be more democratic to avoid break-up

Europe’s justice and peace commissions say the EU is in ‘bad shape’ and needs reform

The European Union must be more democratic and less centralist if it is to avoid other disgruntled member states following Britain out of the bloc, Catholic justice and peace groups have said.
The EU is in “bad shape” and needs urgent reform to avoid disintegration, said a statement by the General Assembly of the Conference of European Justice and Peace Commissions.
The group, which represents 31 Catholic justice and peace commissions throughout Europe, said trust in the European Union project was waning and would not be restored simply by “declarations, road maps and speeches.”
Instead, “substantial results” in the creation of jobs and security were required along with reforms that better recognised the national sovereignty of member states, said the statement, issued after a meeting of the assembly.
The restoration of trust “will require more transparent and democratic procedures,” the statement said. “It will necessitate more respect for national, regional and local traditions.”
The statement said that “gloomy prophecies often predict the economic and demographic decline of Europe in the course of the 21st century.” It added: “A possible break-up of the EU would certainly accelerate this process. Improving the EU and bringing it ever closer to its citizens are the best way to prevent it.”
The British government will activate Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty by March 2017, triggering a two-year process that will make the country the first to leave the European Union.
This follows a June 23 referendum in which more than 17 million Britons voted for Brexit, largely amid concerns of mass migration and diminishing security because of open borders.
Many voters were also motivated by a dislike of EU structures, which they held to be largely undemocratic and unaccountable and resistant to reform.

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