Catholic prayer for family members in purgatory

Family members who are deceased should be remembered and prayed for on a regular basis.

Catholic prayer for family members in purgatory is more than essential. For Catholics, Purgatory is a place of purgation, a final stage of preparation before the eternal rewards of Heaven. Most of us will likely go through some sort of purification after death, which is why the Church encourages us to pray for anyone we know who has died, especially our own family members.

This short prayer from the Raccolta that highlights praying for those we personally know and hope to someday meet again in eternity.

Catholic prayer for family members in purgatory


O Lord God Almighty, I pray Thee,

by the Precious Blood which Thy Divine Son

shed upon the wood of the cross,

especially from his most sacred Hands and Feet,

deliver the souls in purgatory,

and in particular family members for whom I am most bound to pray;

that no neglect of mine may hinder it from praising Thee

in Thy glory and blessing Thee forever.


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