Catholic Priest Elected as New Deputy Mayor

Fr. Jeemar Vera Cruz from the diocese of Iligan has been elected as the new deputy Mayor of Iligan City in Philippine. The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) had confirmed this in her website following the public declaration of the priest’s victory over his political opponents.

At the conclusion of the Monday poll that determined the winner of the election, it was concluded that the nearest to the vote counts of Fr. Jeemar Vera Cruz was the acting Deputy Mayor,  Providencio Abragan. Fr. Cruz defeated him with over 12, 000 votes.

Fr. Cruz will be in office as the Deputy Mayor of IIigan for three (3) years. Fr. Jeemar Vera Cruz is the former vicar general of the diocese




  1. Raquel Capri Reply

    Congratulations Monsignor Jemar Vera Cruz.

  2. peter1589 Reply

    Am I mistaken or are not Catholic priests restricted from holding public office? Isn’t that Catholic Magisterial teaching? Or am I confused?

  3. iliganon kho Reply

    peter1589: Fr. Jeemar took his leave and have asked permission from the Vatican……and was granted.

  4. Marko Arellano Achas Reply

    Congratulations Monsi….we will all rally behind your leadership with sincere efforts…….Mabuhay ang Iligan!

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