Catholics have the power to shape America’s political future

Archbishop Chaput isn’t too excited about the upcoming presidential election. In an interview with CNA, the Archbishop expressed deep disappointment at the quality of the candidates on offer.

Archbishop Chaput has seen plenty of elections. CAN reported, “In the 50 years he has voted, the archbishop said,’the major parties have never, at the same time, offered two such deeply flawed presidential candidates. The 1972 Nixon/McGovern race comes close.  But 2016 wins the crown.'”

Archbishop Chaput regards both candidates as “very bad news for our country, though in different ways.” He noted Trump’s appearance of impulsiveness and apparent belligerence to the people. And he described Clinton as “a criminal liar, uniquely rich in stale ideas and bad priorities.”

However, the Archbishop warned against cynicism and he reminded Catholics to vote. “The surest way to make the country suffer is to not contest them in public debate and in the voting booth,” he said.

Catholics are divided on how to vote in this election, but this is an old problem. It was the Catholic demographic in swing states such as Ohio that elected Barack Obama to the White House in 2008 and in 2012. Catholics make up around 20 percent of the electorate, but they are often split between Democrats and Republicans. Neither party truly represents Catholics.

A Catholic who is aligned with the Church in their political views would support issues on both sides. The Church has previously expressed support for universal healthcare, immigration and an end to the death penalty, which are issues commonly associated with Democrats. Hoated with Democrats. However, the Church is also supportive of life, which means an end to abortion. It also supports marriage.

These are traditionally conservative issues. In the United States, few policies, even those that advance the broader goals of the Church, do so in a way that is morally and ethically consistent with all the teachings of the Church. Therefore, it is reasonable to oppose many of the government’s schemes. For example, Catholics are opposed to Obamacare because while it advances the goal of providing healthcare to people, it also forces people to participate in the most heinous sin of abortion.

Catholics have the power to be the most transformative force in American politics, if only they would wield it. Five of the eight sitting members of the Supreme Court are Catholic! Antonin Scalia made six prior to his passing. The other three are Jewish.

Hillary Clinton’s running mate, Tim Kaine is Catholic, but he is not politically pro-life, which means he is not pro-life at all. Joe Biden is also supposed to be Catholic. Biden, who supports abortion and is opposed to marriage, was given the Laetare Medal by Notre Dame a contradiction of the university’s Catholic identity, as Archbishop Chaput pointed out.

We must vote and we must vote with our consciences. It may be that the current selection of candidates it to nobody’s highest preference. But this should inspire faithful Catholics to engage in the political arena, both as voters and as candidates themselves.

As Catholics, we can change the political direction of our nation, but we must act as one voice, not two, informed and guided by the Church.

By Marshall Connolly



  1. Doug Reply

    Let us be clear … Immigration, when done illegally, is not immigration. It is a criminal act against all citizens. To manage and control immigration is NOT racist. It is prudent. True Christians fight against criminal acts such as illegal immigration. Defense of self, family and home is a Christian ideal. To remove peoples’ ability to defend is anti-Christian. Being belligerent toward those who degrade a society is an admirable trait.

    In this election, I don’t see the slightest doubt. The choice is obvious. The choice does not include a pro-abortion, pro-Islamic immigrant, anti-gun defense, hopelessly dishonest criminal.

  2. Patrick Gannon Reply

    “Catholics are opposed to Obamacare because while it advances the goal of providing healthcare to people, it also forces people to participate in the most heinous sin of abortion.” How does ObamaCare “force” people to participate in abortions? Nobody is pulled out of the street and forced to perform abortions.
    What makes abortion so “heinous?” That’s easy. The RCC believes the souls of the aborted are sent to Hell. It allows you to believe they go to Limbo or “hope” the Catholic god isn’t a monster, but the default position is that the unbaptized go to Hell. (Gahanna – formerly known as the Jerusalem town dump). We have a bigger problem here. If Catholic God sends complete innocents to Hell, why are we worshipping him? See Gen 3:22. We know what good and evil are, and it doesn’t get more evil than that.
    The article isn’t coming right out and telling Catholics to vote for anyone but Hillary, but that seems to be the idea here. The article mentions that Catholics form a large voting bloc, but guess what? The “nones” have now surpassed Catholics and Evangelicals as the largest voting bloc in the US according to Pew Research, as the “nones” continue to trend upwards. Nones are on top at 21% and Catholics and Evangelicals are tied at 20%, both having lost ground.
    Religious nonsense aside, the best candidate in my view is Gary Johnson; and clearly he and Weld are the most experienced in actually running a government.

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