Catholics urged to join peace walk to counter Black Mass

Bishops have called for urgent prayers as Satanist group prepare to conduct a ‘Black Mass’ service in order to mock the Virgin Mary

The Archbishop of Oklahoma City has called for fervent prayers from the global Catholic community as a satanist group prepares to conduct a ‘Black Mass’ on the Feast of Assumption later today.
The ceremony is due to take place at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City and has been deliberately timed to mock the Marian feast day. The satanic ritual is expected to include the desecration of a statue of the Virgin Mary.
Archbishop Paul Coakley invited Christians to gather for a Unity Prayer Service and Walk at 6pm in “response to the blasphemous event”.
Coakley told the Catholic News Agency: “I am encouraging the faithful and people of good will to pray together for healing and peace, and for the Lord to watch over our community and protect us from evil and its many destructive and violent manifestations.
“I also ask that we pray for the conversion of this man and for all who have not yet come to know the Lord of Life.”
The Archbishop went on to express his disappointment in the local government for not preventing the “abhorrent act” from taking place.
The satanic ceremony will be lead by registered sex-offender Dastur Adam Daniels who told Oklahoma City News 9 that the Catholic Church was infringing on his religious liberty by attempting to block the ceremony from taking place.
Daniels told the news channel: “They’re the one who started this fight; I’m just bringing it to them.”
The Church organised a similar protest when another Black Mass service took place in the city in 2014. Over 2,000 Catholics gathered to pray in response to the ceremony.
Cardinal Raymond Burke is amongst Catholic leaders who have expressed their shock and sadness about the event. Cardinal Burke has encouraged the faithful to pray the Rosary in reparation for the event.
In a statement released today, he said: “It is the fundamental obligation of every faithful Catholic to stand up for the honour and glory of God and the honour of the Mother of God. In this critical hour, may we not fail to fulfill our obligation of love and devotion toward Our Lord and His heavenly mother.
“I ask and beseech each of you to unite with me on this day as I offer Holy Mass and pray a Holy Rosary in reparation to the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary. Let us also pray for the poor souls that are perpetrating these blasphemies. I urge you to invite your family members, your friends and other fellow Catholics to join in this act of reparation.”
A petition to Oklahoma City authorities to cancel the event has received over 110,000 signatories.

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