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Can a woman who was divorced by her first husband (he left her and married again) receive Holy Communion?


Yes. If a divorced person has willfully destroyed a valid marriage, or if that person has entered into another romantic relationship, that person is barred from Communion until he has regularized his status in the Church through confession and/or an annulment. As neither of these circumstances apply in this case, the person is able to receive Communion, assuming she is otherwise in a state of grace.
The Catechism of the Catholic Church states:

It can happen that one of the spouses is the innocent victim of a divorce decreed by civil law; this spouse therefore has not contravened the moral law. There is a considerable difference between a spouse who has sincerely tried to be faithful to the sacrament of marriage and is unjustly abandoned and one who through his own grave fault destroys a canonically valid marriage. (CCC 2386)

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in Concerning the Reception of Holy Communion by the Divorced and Remarried, has said that a divorced Catholic who has not remarried can receive Holy Communion after receiving the sacrament of confession and living in complete continence.


  • Thomas Jose says:

    There’s no problem 4 receving holy communion by a divorcee irrespective of d status of her/his divorce. Reason being God is d supreme forgiver of sins. There’s none like God on earth n heaven. Divorce happens ‘cose of disagreement between 2 indviduals. So it cud not be a sin.
    Moreover our ancestors were followed polygamy 4 which God did not punish ’em at all. Among ’em king David n his son Solomon were prominent n Jesus Christ n we all r decendents.
    Literally no restriction 4 receiving communion as this is only d rememberance of d last super.

    • Mayo Maroons says:

      “Literally no restriction 4 receiving communion as this is only d remembrance of d last super”………… if thats all you think communion is THOMAS then chances are you are a protestant….. or A catholic who needs some education quickly

      • Marv Ack says:

        What would you expect from someone who uses “d”, “4”, “n” and the like in a serious conversation? This is a person not well educated in anything at all, apparently.

        • Melanie says:

          Why are we so quick to judge people? His usage of short cuts does not mean he is not well educated. By the way , did Jesus choose well educated apostles apart from Luke and Matthew? Please watch your comments ,meaning, focus on the subject, not deviating to personal comments.

    • MarMay says:

      Excuse me, Thomas Jose…there ARE restrictions — read the Answer given above!!!

      • brenda says:

        I do not feel holy communion should not be allowed to divorce individuals, if someone is in church they are making effort to make their life right with GOD, and asking to receive him by holy communion is only right. A lot of people give up on the church for condemning them for Divorce. GOD would not want one to stay in a bad marriage.

        • Matt says:

          Not how it works my friend. You have to still be in a state of grace, meaning no sin. This article is right on the money.

    • Alan says:

      Not just a remembrance of the last supper! But the actual presence of Christ in the Eucharist, the state of purity should be Supreme! And as long as we are without grace we remain un worthy, only the sacrament of reconciliation can purify us

    • al says:

      You have your own opinion, so with the others . But what did Jesus said.. It is not ok to disregard His Word.. HE said the WORDS I spoken to you isnot mine it is from My Father, so only those who does the will of my Father will enter the into kingdom…. Matthew 7:21…and Matthew 19:1 – 21..Jesus do not allow divorce..

  • pamela says:

    I was married in the church but divorced.My ex husband sadly passed away in sept . since we haven’t seen each other in years and there was no annulment what does it mean for me? Am I considered a widow?

    • Marv Ack says:

      Yes, Pamela, you’re a widow and you can remarry. You may need to go to Confession first, depending on what you’ve done since the separation. Easy peasy.

    • Ann says:

      No Pamela since you were divorced before your husband died you are not considered a widow, you are still considered divorced, but by all means ask a catholic priest on this to confirm it for you and to advise you on the best thing to do regarding this.

    • Deacon Eddie Khader says:

      Marriage is a covenant between 2 persons(male and Female) since your husband is dead you are not belong to that covenant..you are free. That means you are permitted to have the communion in the Catholic church, just let the priest know…God bless you.

  • Mayo Maroons says:

    “Literally no restriction 4 receiving communion as this is only d remembrance of d last super”………… if thats all you think communion is THOMAS then chances are you are a protestant….. or A catholic who needs some education quickly

  • Stacey says:

    I divorce my husband,because he committed adultery and a couple of of outside kids were conceived into our married.

  • Ysa White says:

    Can a woman who is single and Catholic by religion married a divorced man received Holy Communion?

    • Peg says:

      Ysa, she woukd not be able to receive communion if she marries a divorced man. He needs to go through an annulment and they would need to be married in the church.

  • Elma Ramirez says:

    What if you was married through the Catholic Church and divorced by the court of the county you live in without an annulment . Does that mean still you can be still married and can’t mary again by church but can be married again but by the court only ?

  • DPJ says:

    The one issue I feel the Church needs to address is in fact divorced and remarried persons being able to receive Communion. My first wife cheated on me so of course the marriage had to end. Should I be barred from receiving Communion if I remarry to a wonderful single Catholic, and in a Catholic church? No; however, that is my opinion only.

  • Deacon Eddie Khader says:

    Read John chapter 6…Yes it said do that in remembrance of me, but the bread and wine once it is consecrated by the priest it becomes real body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ…please read John Chapter 6…thanks and God bless you

  • Flora says:

    A man who divorced his wife because she is a drug addict and trying to implicate the husband and has been jailed. Can he remarry to a single lady and perform a church/white wedding in the church? Urgent please.

  • Alexander says:

    If there is deceit in the marriage, then the marriage can be void
    I think the church accept divorce in this situation.

  • Anna says:

    So many people walk away from the catholic church because of divorce or things they did in the past. If a person is going to church ,trying to do right why should he or she be refused the body of christ . I think in today’s world more people need to get back with God no matter what happened in the past . Isn’t that what Jesus teaches us.. is about forgiveness. Church teaches us to move forward with Jesus.

  • James says:

    Unfortunately I am divorced. Not my choice. My wife left me for another man. I still have communion and have not gone to confession. I have nothing to confess!
    My problem is that one day if I meet another woman, why can’t I marry in the Catholic church??? The church needs to change. This is pushing me away.

  • ID Peter says:

    Folks, its quite simple. This is the teaching of the (Catholic) Church, and as Catholics we are bound to abide by this teaching. [Remember the line in the apostle’s creed that says:: i believe in the Holy catholic church……]. Well, lets make it simple, if anyone thinks otherwise, he can establish his/her church and administer Holy communion (am not sure if the name should remain) to any recipient

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