Why does the Church pray for the dead? Can our prayers save someone already condemned to hell?


Some Protestants say its wrong to pray for the dead, however Catholics believe that the dead may be in need of our prayers if they’re still in purgatory. We believe that some people, even after being forgiven here on earth, still need to expiate their sins in purgatory. They could not do so on earth, so God gives them an opportunity to be cleansed. We do not however believe that God gives people an opportunity to repent after death, this isn’t the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Unrepentant sinners cannot change when they’re dead, their state of impenitence continues for all eternity. They will rebel against God as they did in life and cannot be saved anymore. This state is called “hell”.

A soul that has chosen to reject God’s light on earth and after death (hell), cannot be saved by a billion masses/prayers. So whenever we pray, we ask God for those who are still on their way to heaven, those who are still passing through the cleansing state of purgatory. We are united with them so our prayers affect them, their prayers affect us, and those in heaven intercede for them and for us as well. Our communion continues even when they are no more on earth. This is why the Church never stops praying for the dead.

Bottom-line: Those in hell cannot be saved through our prayers, but since we cannot know the fate of particular individuals, we continue to pray for them because we loved them in life, and because we hope in the mercy of God which is bigger than all our sins.

Peace be with you !


  • Peter R says:

    Cound not agree more with this commentary. I actually never thought about the question. I always just pray for those who have gone before me. Thank you for this commentary.

  • Marcella says:

    Where in the Bible does it even purgatory?

    • Vicki says:

      Purgatory is what protestants refer to as Paradise. When Jesus told the thief, that was on the cross when Jesus was crucified, that he would be in paradise, it was purgatory where he was sent.. Jesus also said, unless you eat my body & drink my blood, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven.
      If you are not Catholic, you do not receive the Eucharist. You must receive the sacrament of penance to be cleansed, in order to receive the Eucharist. Not everything is in the protestant bibles. Several books were eliminated from their translations. When new religions were started, there changes made. , As an example, King Henry VIII wanted to divorce his wife, so he started a new religion so he could marry his lover.. When he was tired of her, she was beheaded. This was the Anglican church & many still follow it, even now. Most probably do not know how that church was started.

      • Todd says:

        Vicky your knowledge of church history is not even close. Protestants didn’t take out books of the bible, catholic church added them in hundreds of years after the councils had decided what was acceptable and what wasn’t. Anglican church is not a new religion. Nor is Protestantism. I don’t know where you get your information from but it’s obviously not from actual church history books.
        No where in the bible did Jesus say you have to eat His body and drink His blood. That is not what it says in the New Testament. Paradise isn’t purgatory. Heaven is paradise. You don’t even know what the catholic church teaches.

        • Melkiad Massawe says:

          The first Christian Bible in 4th century had 73 books and no one was added ever since. In16th century Martin Luther removed 7 books from the Bible before he started his church. From there every one started not only reducing the number of books in the Bible but also changing what was originally written in. Russell the founder of the Yehovas witness is one of them

          • Todd says:

            You are completely wrong. Your knowledge of history is completely wrong. There is too much historical evidence proving the catholics added the books and not the other way around. Try actually reading the writings on the many councils throughout history. Why do you think the catholic church fought against translating the bible into languages that the commoner could read? Why do you think the catholic church burned people at the stake for owning an English translation all the way up to the 17th century? Most catholics don’t know the catholic church forbade parishioners to own anything other than a Latin Vulgate bible until the ecumenical council of 1963. That is the same council that venerated Mary and made her coredeemer.

  • aron says:

    Marcella, Where can you find in the bible that you have to find everything in the bible?

    • the Bible is God’s Word, and God has put everything in the Bible that we need to know for the Christian life, so if it is not in the Bible then it is not true, because God always confirms His word in the scriptures of the Bible. The Bible is the inspired Word of God.
      So if someone gets a word from God they need to confirm it with a word of scripture in the Bible, if it disagrees with the Bible then it is not from God, the two need to agree.

      • hpesoja says:

        You have a point my friend, but not all that is not written from the bible are not true. John 20:30. God Bless 🙂

      • Vicki says:

        re:Brian Collison -Not everything is in the bible. Even if it had been, what about the books that have been eliminated from the Protestant bibles, just because the ones who started new churches did not want to follow Jesus Christ in all His teachings. Each & every church that was started by man has removed &/or changed whatever they did not want to follow or believe. The Catholic Church is the ONLY TRUE church, it was established by Jesus Christ.

        • Shei says:

          Vicki, from what specific book in the Bible can I Find stating The Catholic Church is the only true church?

          • Mary MacDonald says:

            Catholic means universal, the first church was in Rome hense Roman Catholic! It was the only one for like a thousand years, that is why we say it’s the one true religion! We RC are direct descendents from the one true church!

          • Todd says:

            The first church was not in Rome. The people are the church anyway not some building. You people posting here don’t have a clue to church history or how the canon was derived.

          • The first church was in Jerusalem, with the apostles. There were churches in Samaria, Colossus, and many other places before Rome. There is nowhere in Jesus’ words, or in Paul’s, that indicate that we need any go-between other than Jesus. It is the Catholic belief that the Pope can change the word of God. THIS is where the Catholic and Protestant churches separate.

    • Linda Hoover says:

      2 Timothy 3:16 and Isaiah 8:20

    • Vicki Sawarin says:

      My knowledge of the Holy Catholic Church is absolutely right. Everything is not in the Bible. Jesus sent the Apostles to go & teach. That is how the people learned about God & His Son who established the Catholic Church. Do a search on the internet about the 1st church. The Anglican church was started by a murderer & adulterer, King Henry VIII, as an example.. Then he had thousands of Catholics killed because they would not follow him. Every. other church was started by man because they did not like something about the Catholic church.. The Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit but does not have every thing in it. How could any book possibly contain all that Jesus taught the Apostles!
      If you truly want to learn the truth, go to where the truth is, not to a protestant source. Many of them even question whether Catholics are Christians!. We are the original Christians. is one of the best sources for the truth.
      I also know more about Satan then any of you. He has tried to destroy me my whole life, but I have Divine Protection. I am able to communicate with spirits, including Jesus Christ and any & every one who has died. That is why I know about what happens to the souls of people after they die. Life on earth is only a preparation for eternity, as a spirit never dies…

  • Matias says:

    So even if you are a good person living your life honsetly simply not being catholic or crishtian will result in enternal damnation and ethernal hell fire till the end of time screaming in agony and pain.
    Honestly if this is what religious people called love I’m glad to leave religion. A wrath and such anger can’t even be compared to the most physcopath human ever lived. And this is the so called most loving being?
    Please allow your self to think for a second once in ur life
    So what happend if people are born in india where the chance of them being hindu is more than 90%? the same goes for any arabic country.
    Think about what love and compassionate really is. The bible teach the opposite. Sure there is 1 – 2 good words but there are way more violence verses in bible in which a lot of it done by the god him self.

    • Matthew says:

      God judges everyone differently. Like you said, if someone is born somewhere where their chance of being Catholic is near 0%…They won’t go to hell for not being Catholic. If that person is a good person, or at least tries to really be a good person…then they can still go to heaven. God judges everyone differently. He judges you based on who you are and how you act. But just if your Catholic by name doesn’t mean anything.

    • You miss the point Matias. He is God. He created Everything. He doesn’t owe us anything. Out of Love he created us. Out of Love he gave us freewill. Out of Love he gave us dominion over everything else. and what did we do. Well we said that wasn’t enough we wanted to be Him, have His power. so the devil was able to corrupt us make us turn against Gods wishes, as he continues to do to this day. Even after all that He still loves us and wants to save us from the corruption by the Devil so he sends his Only son to us and has us crucify him. Has Our Lord his only Son who even as a man never disobeyed him go to Hell for our Sins so that he could save us. (true he could have done it differently since he is God, but he is God so and knows everything that ever was and ever shall be so at a guess he knows more than me.
      Well that’s a pretty amazing kind of love as far as I’m concerned. That someone would be prepared to do all of that so that I could be called His adopted child, and all he wants is for me to love him back! WOW
      Now if I was God, I’d have kicked us into touch way back before we took it upon ourselves to trash his beautiful Gifts, the Beauty He gave us to HELP us see HIS glory, all be it as a pale imitation, rolled the whole lot up and chucked it in the trash and started again,
      God is not Man, He is GOD The Origin of everything. We cannot know HIM, except through his creation at least not until we come to him after our death. We can’t put human ideals onto Him. He can do whatever He wants he is God. Even if He didn’t Love me, as He has shown He does. I would still owe Him everything I am and everything I can ever be every day of my life and for that alone I would Love Him Honour Him and Try with all of my heart to do what He wanted me to do. Not from Fear, but from Love.

    • Matias,,,,, if u are christian then u will know why,,,,,, if u dont know yet then research,,, write down all ur questions then gave to the catholic defenders ministry then they will explain and answer you,,, u should know who u r? Where u stand,,, i will tell u,,, all who dont believe Jesus Christ,,, they are anti christ,,, and what happen to all antichrist,,, research the answer,,,,God will bless u,

    • Nidhin M joy says:

      Dear, see the question and its answer. What you have commented can not deduced from this answer. Of course it is a good question.

  • Mateas, God is gracious and gave us free will to choose him or Satan, heaven or hell, good or evil. There is a verse that says, too him whom much is given, much is expected. We weren’t meant to live for just ourselves.
    Its about spiritual growth and if you teach and evangelize to the ends of the earth and they still don’t believe. All that we can do is pray for each other, pray for his loving grace.
    Everyone will have their moment to follow Christ. Unless you denie yourself this opportunity. God bless you

  • Peter Morgan says:

    You raise a good point, but I think its a point born from a misunderstanding of what Hell is, and what Catholics believe in regards to it. The simplest explanation of it is that it is separation from God. It’s not necessarily a place full of fire and brimstone like you’d describe, I’m pretty sure the fire and brimstone is symbolic of the pain of loss we would feel in being separated from God.
    As for other peoples outside of Catholicism or even Christianity… It is not impossible for them to attain salvation, for there is a concept in Catholicism we call the Baptism of Desire. Basically if a person genuinely tries to love and serve God with their whole hearts (even if they are not Christian) they may be baptized (in a spiritual sense) through their desire to know God. I do not think he would turn away those who genuinely want to know Him, even if their idea of Him or His teachings is flawed, as long as they are not committing great evil or injustice.

    • This is also what I was taught Even if someone has never heard the name Jesus they can still go to heaven even though it is a tad harder to achieve since they have to have a very real desire to know God, which is why we as Catholics have a duty to spread the Word of God and teach the good news. The big stumbling block is where someone has been taught someone who knows and rejects God. It doesn’t matter how many good deeds they do, if they don’t do them for God they don’t count. He or she has rejected God in this life, his or her soul belongs to the Devil, God doesn’t know them

  • Holly Crisera says:

    I am born and raised a Catholic. If we are told that NOTHING can separate us from the LOVE of JESUS, that includes Hell. That means that our prayers for others are boundless! Who are we to put limitations on God the Almighty! He is always ready to forgive! We are the ones who bind ourselves and others.

  • HammerDoc says:

    Holly, your line of thought would lead to no Hell for anyone. Where then, is the need for 1) Repentance, 2) Perseverance, 3) Faith, and 4) Good works that the Bible says in SO many places are vitally important?
    No, Holly. Hell is VERY real, and sadly, real people DO go there. Jesus spoke about the reality of Hell numerous times in The Gospel. Do NOT deny the words of Christ! While the Bible IS correct to say that no one can separate you from the love of Jesus, it does NOT mean that you cannot go to Hell. If a soul freely chooses to reject God to the last, then God does love us enough to honor the Free Will choice that He gave us. He does not force His love on anyone. God is NOT a rapist.
    That is ONE reason why it is SO important to pray for the souls of the departed. Those prayers may be used to help lighten the burden of a soul being cleansed, “as through fire” (as Christ Himself said). However, they may also be used to help a soul choose to accept the grace of perfect repentance (which is necessary to receive absolution for serious sin outside the Sacrament of Reconciliation) at that final moment, so your prayers for the dead COULD help an otherwise unrepentant soul choose God before it is too late.

  • Meme says:

    Jesus died on the cross for my sins…

  • Astro says:

    If someone stole his own life, would he go straight to hell? Or we can save him through prayers?

  • stella morellifacebook says:


  • denise dew says:

    I found forgiveness for several deceased and I believe that via God’s law He forgives in that area only, so yes we pray for those departed souls! We are judged according to our level of Mercy. God is perfect, and I am perfectly repentive! Truth of love sets free indeed: those forgiven much/love much! Chief sinners with beam worked out see fit to cast speck outta brethren’s eye. Disciple quickly………simultaneous anointing-latter rain………..Great transfer of wealth as the ultimate wealthy become born-again and the spirit of charity over-take them! Amen!

  • George says:

    My dear friends – no body can save any body or change any person`s end as this is the time right now to choose as Jesus had to Himself before dying on the cross- Why do you think that God can only invite us the His Kingdom- So is Satan and no-one is forced to believe any. When the day of judgement come not shall God nor Satan be arguing who has forced any-one to pick sides- Tried to explained this as simple as possible. Just read the bible -it is as simple as that- No other second time as Jesus had to to it ones .Good Luck.

  • Emily says:

    I have to say, Im fairly disappointed with whoever wrote this article. Yes you answered the question correctly but Have you never heard of Divine Mercy, or read St. Faustina’s diary? Jesus himself told St. Faustina time and time again that even the most hardened sinner could be saved at the time of death through the recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet. Ultimately it is people who choose Hell for themselves yes, but it is untrue that God does not ever allow to repent after a life of sin.

    • In reply to Vinh and Emily. I’m sorry to say, but neither one of you is right. No one can just live their life & trust that God will take you to heaven. Of course He is a loving & forgiving God, but you need to follow God’s Commandments. That is how you get to go to heaven. When you have sinned, you must repent. No one enters heaven with even a venial sin on their soul. Just saying the divine mercy prayer is NOT enough for a hardened criminal. He would have to receive the sacrament of the Last Rites by a priest. In order to receive that sacrament, he would have to be a Catholic. There simply is no getting a way to go to heaven if you are not Catholic. Of course that does not mean that you would go to hell. If you are a non-Catholic with only venial sins on your soul, you will be in Purgatory. Many know it as Paradise, but it is NOT heaven.

  • francisco gumera says:

    Praying is powerful it changes everything in our own life and in lives of someone else.Have faith”

  • ShadowSpiritXiX says:

    “The book of revelation is the closing book for God’s revelation through his prophets to the Church.
    We are told several times throughout the Bible not to make additions to God’s word that is called Scripture. Deut. 4:2 “You shall not add to the word which I command you, nor take anything from it, that you may keep the commandments of the LORD your God which I command you.
    Deuteronomy 12:32“Whatever I command you, be careful to observe it; you shall not add to it nor take away from it.”
    Some will say this means not to add to the book of Deuteronomy. But although this command is found in this 2nd book of the law it is not exclusive to this one book.
    Proverbs 30:5-6 “Every word of God is pure; he is a shield to those who put their trust in Him. Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.”
    Some will say this means not to add to the book of Proverbs. Again if we look at the context it says “Every word of God”, do not add to His words.
    The Bible refers to its writings as Scripture 1 Cor. 4:6 “that you may learn in us not to think beyond what is written,that none of you may be puffed up on behalf of one against the other.”
    Paul was reiterating what has been said in Deuteronomy and Proverbs. To go beyond what Scripture says means one is motivated by pride, the same character trait that made the Devil fall into sin.
    Jesus and the apostles all concurred, “The entirety of Your word is truth” (Psalms 119: 160).
    The importance of God’s word held in this respect is clear by saying in Psalm 138:2 “You have magnified Your word above all Your name”.
    Prov. 30:6 “Do not add to His words, lest He rebuke you, and you be found a liar.”
    God says in the last book of his word Revelation 21:8 “and all liars shall have their part in the lake which burns with fire and brimstone, which is the second death.”
    Revelation 22:18-19 “For I testify to everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book: If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.”

  • Mike says:

    To all who say that word purgatory is not written therefore it is not biblical and and not true. Why do you believe in Holy Trinity if it is not directly written in the bible? In the old testament, the name Jesus was not explicitly written as the messiah so does that mean Jesus is not the prophesied messiah? You must read the whole bible in context for you to understand the whole thing. And do not interpret it per verse just like you did for “don’t call any man a father”. And disregarding the next verses that states “Nor are you to be called instructors/teacher”. So you should not call your teacher “teacher” cause based from protestant logic it is also wrong.
    Our self interpretation is not “the pillar and foundation of truth” according to the bible. It is the Church that which was established by Christ. And the Church still exist now as according to Jesus “The Gates of Hell will not prevail against it”. It is up for you to find it.

  • Joyce Christina says:

    I believe all dead souls are in waiting n need our prayers, for the deceased and alive all await the coming of Christ n the judgement day. So before that there is no hell.

    • Vicki says:

      Many Protestants do not believe in Purgatory because to them, it is Paradise. They also do not believe in praying for the dead. One even told me that those who talk to dead people or pray for them are evil. As for repentance, they have a chance to repent at the time of death, but after death, there is no opportunity for repentance. In hell, prayers will not help anyone there, but the prayers are not wasted. They will help someone in Purgatory or the souls of aborted babies.
      Those in heaven & on earth can pray & help souls in Purgatory. They can also help aborted babies. None of these souls can help themselves any more. Souls of aborted babies are in a separate place as they have not been baptized. They desperately need prayer, as hardly anyone ever thinks of them after they have been discarded.
      Those who die in a state of mortal sin & have been unrepentant, will not wait for judgement day. They will go directly to hell, forever. The only ‘waiting place’, is in Purgatory but a soul cannot help themselves any more. They can only hope that someone will offer prayers and sacrifice for them. Yes, God is merciful & just & Jesus suffered a horrendous death to pay for our sins. However, that does not mean we can live a life of evil and perversion & expect to march right into heaven. God is not stupid or a pushover. He set up Commandments to be obeyed, in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven He will not be mocked or tested. Anyone who wants to go to heaven, needs to be Catholic. Without that, you cannot receive the Sacraments you need in order to go to heaven. But even if you are Catholic, you cannot just slide in to home plate, either.

  • Vinh says:

    Sometimes, we should not try to find out the answer in white or black. If we believe in God, and lay our lives in His Hands, we know we are always correct.
    His Love is always bigger than our Sins. We do not know who will be Heaven, Pugratory, or Hell, we keeps praying. not only for them but also for Our Souls.

  • Michael Reeves says:

    Sad how many “Christians” base their so-called “truth” on how they feel, instead of on God’s word. In the Bible there are no Catholics, there are no Baptists, there are only Believers and Unbelievers. Changing things to match up with how we feel or what we taught is an abomination to God.
    God says there is 1 way to heaven- JESUS (John 14:6)…If you don’t know HIM personally then you don’t get in (whether you were born into a Hindu family or not, there are no exemptions to this rule of access to heaven).
    God also says that Jesus the Christ is in heaven right now, and that when Believers die they go to be with Him (absent from the body, present with the Lord- 2nd Cor 5:8) which leaves no room for purgatory. You are either in heaven with the Lord, or you are in hell….to say there is a 3rd option called purgatory means God didn’t know what He was talking about when He wrote 2nd Cor 5:8. He would’ve had to say “absent from the body, go to purgatory, then one day you will be present with the Lord”, but that’s not what He said. To say purgatory exists means Christ’s death on the cross wasn’t good enough to get you into heaven, that more is needed to be accomplished so someone goes to purgatory to completely qualify for heaven. To say that is an abomination to God and is heresy and blasphemy.
    God says people live and then when they die they receive their judgment (Hebrews 9:7), so to pray for the dead is absurd and a waste of time since THEY HAVE ALREADY BEEN JUDGED and received their sentence of heaven or hell!!! That’s like praying for someone who’s been given multiple life in prison sentences, and praying that he will get let out. Not going to happen, they were LIFE sentences. Same with praying for the dead, they’ve already been given their sentence of LIFE in heaven or LIFE in hell.
    To change any of this to match up with your feelings is heresy. We must instead change our feelings to match up with Gods word. Our feelings are liar’s….according to God.
    Jeremiah 17:9
    The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

    • Todd says:

      Amen Michael! Something most Christians don’t understand and leads people to believe in purgatory is, time only exists in our realm, not in God’s. So there isn’t any waiting period.
      You hit on a good point catholics miss, that Christ paid the full price for our sins and we can’t do anything to earn our salvation. People can’t pray for our forgiveness because God already forgave us fully by trusting Christ, His Son with our life.

      • Michael Reeves says:

        Amen. These discussions are sad. To see so many well-intentioned people saying such ridiculous things is scary. It makes you realize how important the role of a father as head of his family is, to obey Dt. 6:6-8: teaching and discussing the ways of the Lord daily with his children so they won’t be led astray by well-intentioned fools.

        • Michael Reeves. You poor misguided protestant!. You really need to learn about the Catholic Church if you wish to go to heaven. Where did you get your info about Catholics? From other protestants? The Catholic Church was established by Jesus Christ & is the only true Church. You can trace it all the way back to saint Peter. Jesus said to him, “On this rock I shall build my Church & the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.” He was the 1st Pope. Not all popes were the kind of leaders they should have been, but it is a continuation, up till now. Satan has tried very hard to destroy the Catholic Church with the help of people like you, but he will not succeed! Jesus also said ” Unless you eat My Body & drink MY Blood, you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven”
          You can only get the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist in the Catholic Church. It was established in 32A.D.. All the others were started by man who did not want to follow Christ’s teaching. Wanted an easy way. Learn about their origins. The Anglican church has quite a beginning. Started by an adulterer & murderer., for example. Do you really think that just because you did an ‘altar call’ & said you accept Jesus, you can live how ever you want to & you will go to heaven? You have to follow God’s Commandments!
          Purgatory is where a soul gets purified. If you have not had the sacrament of Extreme Unction (The Last Rites) before you die, you will not go directly to heaven. You also cannot do anything more for yourself after you die. You need others to pray for your soul. How many protestants do you know that pray for anyone’s soul. You must be Catholic to go to heaven! Otherwise, it is Paradise, according to protestants, which is actually Purgatory. I am not simply well intentioned. I know the truth & am sharing it with you. Learn the truth from Catholics. is a good place to start. Read about the Church Fathers, etc.
          Believing that you are right without knowing the truth, is quite pointless.

          • Todd says:

            Where in the bible can you find any of what you wrote. You’re the one uneducated. The first pope wasn’t until sometime around 500 AD. (Not CE like the catholic church uses.) The catholic church can’t even acknowledge Christ. Paul clearly stated salvation is by faith, not of works, it is a gift from God. The bible never said by performing sacraments and believing the catholic church gets you into Heaven. Nor does it state you have to be prayed into Heaven. Jesus died for all and covered all sins by His death. And the Greek word Jesus used in your scripture quote was 2 different words. The word for the foundation rock and the word for Peters name were 2 different words. But of course you didn’t study Greek and Hebrew to learn what was actually said and meant. The rock that is the foundation Jesus was talking about was that Jesus is the Messiah. Throughout the entire bible God and Jesus are referee to as the rock. So why would you assume it’s Peter in this one phrase? And if Peter, a faulty human who sinned, denied Christ 3 times, was rebuked by Paul for shunning gentile Christians in front of Jewish believers, is who your faith is in then you have a serious issue. The entire context of the scripture passage was about who is Jesus. Jesus is the rock and foundation of our faith. If Peter was the first pope then why didn’t he say anything? Scripture is silent on popes. Also Jesus never intended for anybody to rule over believers. The apostles fought over who was going to be the head. Jesus rebuked them for it and said the greatest among you will be the one who is servant to all. Look at the pope and the vatican. Who are they serving? Jesus said we will be persecuted and killed yet the Vatican is protected by its own military and the pope doesn’t mingle with the commoner. That’s the reason Theresa rejected the catholic church authority over her ministry. Jesus was the one who was in control not the pope.

  • Michael Reeves says:

    Amen brother Todd. Nothing Vicki said came from the Bible. I especially liked the “last rites” part and without it you go to hell. Just think what would’ve happened if Mother Theresa had been randomly hit by a car and instantly killed. I guess she wouldn’t have gone to heaven since she didn’t get the last rites. The pride people have in their “church” is sad….just like the Pharisees. They care more about the teachings of men than they do the Word of God. Come to think of it, Jesus said that: Matthew 15:9 “Their worship of me is empty, because they teach human rules as doctrines.'” If only people were that passionate about the Savior. May God give them eyes to see and ears to hear

  • Ann McKalip says:

    Michael, you completely misstated what Vicki said. She did NOT say that without “last rites” you would go to Hell! She said you would not go DIRECTLY to HEAVEN. Big difference! This is to say that you would go to Purgatory, to be purified of all remaining attachment to sin before you could enter Heaven. If you actually love our Lord Jesus Christ, you would understand that Purgatory is a great MERCY OF GOD. Verbal acceptance of Christ as our divine Savior does not automatically make a soul HOLY or allow entrance into Heaven. Not everyone who says, “Lord, Lord!” will be saved. Even the demons knew that Jesus was the “Holy One of God”. Jesus commanded them to be silent so they would not give away His true identity. Christ commanded us to OBEY His teachings and to BE HOLY as God our Father is Holy. Are you holy yet? Probably not yet. What about the harm you have done by your past sins? If you or I die today, are we going straight to Heaven? WITHOUT Jesus first cleansing our hearts from all our sinful desires and tendencies? Can we bring impure hearts into heaven with us? Aren’t we told explicitly that “nothing impure or unclean will ever enter the City (of God)”? (Rev. 21:27).
    Whatever purification of the Bride does not happen on earth will surely happen before the wedding feast! The Church wisely teaches us this is Purgatory.

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