Change is Constant and Christians must too, but with Christ in mind: Pope Francis

Pope Francis in his homily in his today’s  early morning mass emphasized on the fact that though the world system is changing fast and things ain’t the way they used to be, christian as humans made by God to habitat in the same changing world have to equally change too but with the words and instruction of their creator in mind all the time to guide them through the changing times of the world.
“Times change and we Christians have to continuously change. We have to change firm in faith in Jesus Christ, firm in the truth of the Gospel,” he said.
He advice Christians never to yield to external influence and pressure with excuses like: “‘They told me … I heard … People say … I read …’ That way we are on the safe side. But what is the truth? What is the message the Lord wants to give me with this sign of the times?”
“We have to open ourselves up to the power of the Spirit and understand well what is happening inside of us and outside of us”
“In order to understand the signs of the times, first of all silence is necessary: be quiet and observe. And then reflect,” he said.
he Pope said reading the signs of the times isn’t a skill exclusive to “a cultural elite,” but a gift of freedom God gives to everyone.
“Remember, Jesus doesn’t say, ‘Look at how the academics do it, look at how the doctors do it, look how the intellectuals do it.’”
“We are free because of the gift of freedom that Jesus Christ gave us. But our job is to look at what happens inside of us, discern our feelings, our thoughts; and what happens outside of us and discern the signs of the times with silence, with reflection and with prayer,” he said.

Raphael Benedict

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