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Children claim Mary appeared at a Brazil Church telling them to pray

According to a local news source, residents claim to witness an apparition of Mary. They have seen the image of Mary, Our Lady of Fátima for at least three days.

Photos and videos that, according to residents, show the saint on the roof of a chapel in the city circulate on social networks. The priest said that the images are being investigated.

Apparition Picture

For some people, it would just be the reflection of light on the roof and around the horn, which is part of the local speaker system. The children saw the image at night while they were playing in the street. One of the girls who said she had seen the apparition of Mary said that she had heard her speaking.

“She was always telling us to pray, all the time. Her voice was small and she spoke like this: pray, pray. He spoke very softly in our ear”, recalled the girl.

The mother of two of the girls said that the next day the image was also seen in their house.

“My oldest sat on the couch and I went to the door to get the other girl who was crying a lot. When I put my hand on her, she was all cold. I started praying ‘Ave Maria’ with her and came into the room with her. When I arrived in the room my oldest daughter reported again: mother, she is on your side. At first, I didn’t believe it”, reported the mother of one of the girls.

The town’s parish priest said he had started an investigation into the case.

“The first thing I did was to inform the bishop about this apparition and he asked to wait a while. When we talk about an apparition, it is a very delicate thing, it is studied and analysed”, explained Father Antônio Carlos Oliveira.

Some people believe that this is not an apparition of Mary, but just the reflection of light on the roof and around the horn, which is part of the local speaker system. To clarify the doubt and assist in the investigation, the equipment was removed from the site.

“I reported it to the bishop and we thought it best to remove the horn to find out more clearly.”

In response to the the possibility of being an optical effect he further added:

“This bugle has always been here. Why is this image just now appearing? What I keep in my heart is that we learn from this message. At this moment, we need to pray at home as a family, especially during this pandemic”.

Priest talks about the possible apparition of a saint in Cristina (MG) — Photo: Reproduction/EPTV

It is important to know that lots of apparitions as these could turn out to be untrue or fake. The church has officially declared many of such apparitions fake. So when we see something like this, we pray silently for clarity.

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