China amends the on-child policy to two-child policy for her families

The long practiced one-child policy in China that restricts couples from bearing more than one child has been in practice since 1978. But China’s ruling Communist Party have put an end to it. The Chinese have long suffered denial of their human rights to have more than one child; many Chinese acclaim. Before now couples found going contrary to the One-child policy are subjected to severe purnishment and forceful abortion, which many other nations frowned at as such is a combat against basic human right.
Over the few years China have received research reviews and analysis depicting the huge increase in older people than the young, which will in no time cripple their manpower as jobs are growing higher than manpower of youth. So these and many more which are yet to be revealed tuned the ruling Communist Party to respond to the long existing cries of activists against the one-child policy.
Despite the threathening situation tending to fall on China in decades to come as result to the one-child policy, she has allowed just a two-child policyin replacement to the One-child policy. Some don’t still see these as a means that will stop the human rights denial attached to the child-birth restriction policy in China, though it is amended.
“Couples will still have to have a birth permit for the first and the second child, or they may be subject to forced abortion. Women will still be forcibly aborted under a universal 2-child policy. The One Child Policy does not need to be modified, it needs to be abolished.” Says Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers

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