Christian convert stabbed to death by Islamic State said he was aware of the dangers he faced


The barbaric Islamic militant group ISIS, has claimed responsibility for the killing of Hussein Ali Sarkar, a Christian convert stabbed to death on Tuesday in Bangladesh.
According an online group that monitors extremist activity, Islamic State said on Twitter that a “security detachment” killed the “preacher” to be a “lesson to others”.
Ali Sarkar, aged 68, converted to Christianity from Islam in 1999. 3 attackers approached Ali Sarkar on a motorbike while he was taking his routine morning walk in the town of Kurigram and then stabbed him in the neck. Police said he was not a preacher.
Sarkar once told a member of staff from Redcliffe College in Gloucester that he had been conscious of the dangers he faced. “They don’t know anything, they don’t understand, forgive them.” He prayed that God would “place me under Your control”.
Over the last few months, ISIS has claimed responsibility for several murders including an attack on a mosque of Ahmadi Muslims, whom ISIS regard as polytheists.
A month earlier, ISIS’s magazine Dabiq published an article entitled “The Revival of Jihad in Bengal”, celebrating the spread of their network to Bangladesh.
The government has denied that Islamic State has a presence in the country of 160 million people. It blames Islamist political opponents for instigating the violence including killing of Ali Sarkar.
Bangladeshi Christians have been on edge over the the increasing violence and attacks from the terror group.


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