Christians in Germany assaulted by Muslims

Iranian refugees enter Germany in hopes of safer, better lives, but are met with assaults from their Muslim shelter-mates.
One recently arrived refugee spoke to humanitarian group World Watch Monitor, which CNA reported.
Written on the wall in his shelter were the words, “The time has come to cut off the heads of all non-believers!”
The unnamed refugee shared: “I was shocked! In Iran this may happen, but I never expected such a thing to happen in Germany. This has shattered my trust.”
Thomas de Maizičre, Germany’s home secretary, told the Future Conference on Integration and Migration last month, “We have underestimated the role of religion.”
Germany’s current policy is to integrate refugees of all religions together, foolishly believing somehow the norms existing in the Middle East would magically melt away and leave a blanket of peace in the camps.
Maizičre admitted Germany naďvely believed the importance of faith and religion has been on the decline world-wide, leaving people less likely to engage in religion-based violence.
How anyone who knows anything about the situation in the Middle East could assume its citizens were safe from religion-based attacks is nearly inconceivable – yet Germany believed.

A security guard walks through an emergency shelter for refugees in Germany.A security guard walks through an emergency shelter for refugees in Germany (PA).

When German Chancellor Angela Merkel implemented an open-door policy to accept fleeing refugees, Europe became overcrowded with strangers in a strange land.
The only social norms they knew were those enforced in the Middle East, where Islam is the majority religion, ISIS has been cracking down with Sharia law and women were expected to submit.
A report from several humanitarian watchdog groups explained 743 Christians and 10 Yazidi were victims of religious-based attacks in Germany’s refugee camps this year alone.
“The situation of Christian refugees in German refugee shelters is still unbearable,” the report says. “As a minority they are discriminated against, beaten up by and receive death threats from Muslim refugees and partly by the Muslim staff (security, interpreters, volunteers) on grounds of their religion.”
Unfortunately, the groups agree even more attacks on Christians occur but they are not being reported.
They call the survey “the tip of the iceberg in regard to the number of religiously motivated attacks on Christian refugees and other religious minorities.
“It must be assumed that there is a high number of unreported cases. Effective measures for the protection of religious minorities (in refugee camps have) yet to be implemented.”
By Kenya Sinclair

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