Christians in Malaysia Fearful amid growing intolerance

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Auxiliary Bishop John Sherrington of Westminster is appealing for prayers for the Christians in Malaysia.
Auxiliary Bishop John Sherrington of Westminster said Christians in Malaysia are afraid about the future amid growing bigotry.
He said: “I met a number of Christians in Kuala Lumpur who were fearful about the future …
I encourage you to pray for the Christians in Malaysia and to find out more about the situation.
“In a country with a small Christian minority, the ecumenical needs to pray, understand one another and serve together because we share a common baptism is a necessary imperative.”
Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country with a 61.3% population, Christianity a minority religion practiced by 9.2% of the population 2010 census, about 61.3% Islam, 19.8% Buddhism, 6.3% Hinduism and other Chinese religion 1.3%.

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