Church investigates case of a newborn who was given hours to live and survived

Thanks to a crucifix belonging to Blessed Xavier Seelos, Carson Joseph survived a brain hemorrhage and went home.

When Carson Joseph was born early in March, 2019, doctors gave the little boy just hours to live. He arrived after a difficult delivery with a blueish skin tone and after examination, doctors concluded he had neurological damage and also suffered a brain hemorrhage.

Alarmingly, the baby also went from 6 to 8 pounds, with swelling blocking his ears, and the medical team advised the parents to call family members to let them know their son would not make it through the night. Having already been through two miscarriages, the parents offered up their prayers to God, as reported in the Daily Mail.

In the middle of the night a stranger, Judge Dennis Waldron, visited the family to say prayers for the little boy, touching him with a crucifix. Incredibly, the next day little Carson was on the mend and breathing independently. A new MRI revealed that there was no sign of neurological damage and just 14 days later the newborn left hospital to go home.


Carson’s parents, Michelle and Brandon, describe the dramatic improvement in their son’s health as a miracle. The Catholic Church is now investigating the case since the crucifix placed on the baby by Waldron — who volunteers in a center named after Blessed Xavier Seelos, a missionary priest who died looking after the sick of New Orleans — was the actual crucifix used by Father Seelos during his ministry work in the 19th century.

As the church undertakes their investigation, baby Carson is thriving and is now a bundle of eight-month-old joy. A little miracle indeed!

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