Church Militant to Cease Operations After $500,000 Defamation Lawsuit by Priest

Church Militant, a Catholic media outlet known for its assertive coverage, will shut down next month after a $500,000 defamation judgment in a lawsuit brought by Father Georges de Laire. The decision follows a 2019 article, “NH Vicar Changes Dogma Into Heresy,” where anonymous sources allegedly made negative comments about Father de Laire. The sources were never identified during the lawsuit.

Boston-based law firm Todd & Weld, representing Father de Laire, revealed the $500,000 judgment, stating the article aimed to undermine both Father de Laire and the Diocese of Manchester. St. Michael’s Media, Church Militant’s parent company, will cease operations by April 2024.

Last year, founder Michael Voris resigned over a “morality” violation, citing undisclosed missteps. The decision to shut down comes amid legal challenges and internal issues within the organization.

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