Clinton campaign ANTI-CATHOLIC BIGOTRY in leaked emails

Hillary Clinton’s staff shared what they think about Catholics in an email exchange released by WikiLeaks. Catholics will NOT be happy with the attitude. The contemptuous email exchange describes Catholics as “backwards.”

An email chain from the Clinton administration reveals their attitude towards American Catholics. A 2011 exchange entitled, “Conservative Catholicism” speaks about Catholics in a condescending tone and refers to us as “backwards.”

The email was authored by John Halpin, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress, and was sent to Jennifer Palmieri who is now the Director of Communications for the Clinton campaign. Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta is also included in the conversation.

The discussion is scathing and cruel to say the least.

It is obvious that Hillary Clinton and Catholicism are not allies, but for someone who wants to be “Your President,” it’s disgusting. Obviously these are the kinds of attitudes tolerated in the Clinton campaign. Her own campaign chair, Podesta, did not respond to condemn this rabidly anti-Catholic attitude between his subordinate and a key supporter.

The relevant portion of the email exchange is republished below.

If you have any doubt that evil lurks within the ranks of the Clinton campaign, let it now be dispelled. Hillary Clinton and her minions are not your friends and they think you are stupid. These people have no concern or regard for you. A vote for them is arguably, virtually the same as a minority voting for Adolph Hitler.

Re: Conservative Catholicism
Date: 2011-04-11 21:10
Subject: Re: Conservative Catholicism

Excellent point. They can throw around “Thomistic” thought and “subsidiarity” and sound sophisticated because no one knows what the hell they’re talking about. Jennifer Palmieri

wrote: I imagine they think it is the most socially acceptable politically conservative religion. Their rich friends wouldn’t understand if they became evangelicals.

—– Original Message —–
From: John Halpin
To: John Podesta ; Jennifer Palmieri
Sent: Mon Apr 11 18:55:59 2011
Subject: Conservative Catholicism

Ken Auletta’s latest piece on Murdoch in the New Yorker starts off with the aside that both Murdoch and Robert Thompson, managing editor of the WSJ, are raising their kids Catholic. Friggin’ Murdoch baptized his kids in Jordan where John the Baptist baptized Jesus.

Many of the most powerful elements of the conservative movement are all Catholic (many converts) from the SC and think tanks to the media and social groups.

It’s an amazing bastardization of the faith. They must be attracted to the systematic thought and severely backwards gender relations and must be totally unaware of Christian democracy.

By David Drudge



  1. Tom Rafferty Reply

    Catholics and all Christians ARE “backwards”, as you all refuse to update your perspective on reality. Much has changed regarding our knowledge of reality since 2000 years ago. Original Sin? Debunked by the fact that there was no “First Human.” Given that, nothing about your religion is supported by evidence.

    1. Ed Lim Reply

      @Tom Rafferty: It is sad that an intellectual like yourself has not yet found the reality. Even though there were many apparitions, messages and visions made by Jesus and Mary, many like you are not yet convinced. Even just by reading the bible, it appears you have not yet found the truth. Jesus would say; your faith is weak. If only you can understand the efficacy and importance of the Holy Sacraments of the Catholic Church, you would disavow the perception of the Church as backwards. Until you step out of your paradoxical imagery you will tread on backward ideas. May the Holy Spirit opens up your mind, heart and soul to the TRUTH.

  2. Terrence Tran Reply

    The only way we can beat the Beast is to implore the Blessed Virgin Mary to intervene this election. The information of the leaked email should also send to all Catholic churches in America.

  3. Terrence Tran Reply

    It is the time that the Church will be suffered.

  4. Patrick Gannon Reply

    “Hillary Clinton’s staff shared what they think about Catholics in an email exchange released by WikiLeaks. Catholics will NOT be happy with the attitude. The contemptuous email exchange describes Catholics as “backwards.”
    Well, if the shoe fits!

    There was a time, when I was growing up, when Catholics were more progressive. The Church was not adamant about taking some of the Genesis stories literally, for example, when most other denominations did; and at least somewhat open to scientific research and discovery. In the decades since, however the Church has retreated to obsolete Iron Age dogma and doctrine in denial of reality, and in so doing, has embraced “hostility to the other” as its modus operandi. The hostility is particularly pervasive if the subject has anything at all to do with the RCC’s manic obsession with sex. Like Fundagelicals, these ideas are backwards. They are reminiscent of primitive pagans worshipping the moon, the mountain and the stars.

    The Catholic and Fundagelical insistence that we worship an evil god illustrates how backward they have become. Any god who would send a human to eternal torment in hellfire, for any reason whatsoever is by definition evil; yet we are instructed to worship this evil being and call him good. He’s so evil that he has to “command” that we love him. Who among us has to command that our children love us?
    It is time for this evil god to go. Catholicism needs to fess up and tell the world that they invented Hell through intentional mistranslations, and in so doing, made the Jesus persona of Yahweh even more evil than before. Remember, Jesus is God is Yahweh, which means Jesus drowned everyone in a flood, Jesus killed innocents in Sodom, Jesus inflicted and killed innocent Egyptians, Jesus had Moses tell Joshua to kill every man, woman, child and beast, but to take virgin girls as spoils of war, Jesus killed 70,000 when King Dave took a census…. I can go on, but you get the idea. If Jesus is god – he was never a good god, and in sending mere humans who live but a handful of decades to an eternal torment of trillions of years in a lake of fire with the skin spitting, and hissing, and peeling off in the flames while being constantly replenished from below, then Jesus has evolved to become the worst horror, the worst evil, the worst injustice that anyone could conceive of. And disordered, celibate virgins dressed in robes insist that you must worship this evil god or go to his imaginary hell. Stand up. Be a human, and defy this evil god and his disordered organization and come to realize that the Catholic and Fundagelical gods are invented. There may or may not be gods or afterlives, but the Abrahamic gods no longer have a foundation to sit on. (No 6 day creation, no global flood, no 2-person DNA bottleneck, no mass Exodus from Egypt, no conquest of Canaan – without these things, there is no Yahweh, Jesus or Allah).
    Despite what they tell us, we’re basically good people (watch the show, “What Would You Do”) and the only reason we find ourselves worshipping an evil god is that they start on us when we are very young before we form critical thinking skills. They rape our minds. They commit psychological child abuse that some victims have claimed was worse than the sex abuse they experienced. Yes the Catholic Church is backwards. Recognize it for what it is. Stop believing and think for a change. Would a good god really send the completely innocent souls of aborted, miscarried or stillborn babies to Hell? That’s the default position for the Catholic Church’s catechism. That’s why abortion is bad – it sends a soul to Hell. That means we have a bigger problem. We’re worshipping a god who is evil enough to do such a thing. What’s wrong with us? Wake up people!

  5. Mary Duncan Reply

    Is this not an American attitude to the Catholic Church? It’s a convenient wiki leak to encourage Catholics to vote for Trump who openly opposed everything Catholics should consider.

  6. Patrick Gannon Reply

    I’d hate to be a good looking woman working in, or visiting the White House if Trump is elected. Chastity belts might come back into style.

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