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I am a homosexual who wishes to obey the Church’s teachings on homosexuality, but I am not sure what they are. I know that the Church teaches homosexual acts are wrong, but it teaches that all sex outside of marriage is wrong–a teaching which I support. What if two homosexuals were married to each other? Would sex between them be legitimate, and could the Church ever change its position and allow homosexuals to marry?


This is a sensitive area, and you are to be commended for your commitment to support and fulfill the Church’s teaching. The answer to both questions is no.

The reason homosexual acts are wrong is not simply that they take place outside of marriage, but that they are contrary to natural design. For various reasons, both inside and outside of their control, some people have desires that are not in accord with nature. When these desires are acted upon, the result is an unnatural and immoral act. Even if two homosexuals were “married,” they would still be having unnatural sex.

The Church cannot change its teaching on marriage, which is grounded in natural law. Under natural law a man can marry only whom he was designed to marry: a woman. He cannot validly marry another man any more than he could an animal or a plant. Any attempted marriage between a man and another man would be invalid by definition. It might be recognized by the state as a legitimate marriage, but it would not be so before God.

This is a difficult teaching to hear for one struggling with homosexual desires, but it is the truth. To get help, consider contacting Courage, a nationwide Catholic organization set up to help homosexuals lead chaste lives. Their Web address of  is: http://couragerc.net. Our prayers are with you.


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  • Debra says:

    Excellent answer to that question. Let’s broaden the picture: there are all kinds and types of people in the world for whom sex is not permitted. All unmarried people — men, women, divorced, widowed, never married, too young to marry — all those people are not given the gift of a sexual relationship. There may be other reasons as well — priests and nuns who take vows of chastity and celibacy, devout believers who take a private vow, people who have a physical or mental condition that prevents them from experiencing sex or committing to a marital relationship. To achieve the God’s purposes for marriage, what is required is one man and one woman of an age to make such a commitment and willing to make a vow before God to honor their commitment for as long as their early life lasts. When you look at it that way, the pool of people who are eligible and mentally, emotionally and spiritually equipped to be married is not that vast. For those of us who are living a celibate life, this view point may be some comfort. We are not excluded, left out or rejected by God — He has given gifts to all his children, but not the same gifts — and marriage is not the gift that He has given to us.

    • MarMay says:

      Debra, my thoughts, exactly!!! I just couldn’t have said it better! I’m divorced (with an annulment) and I’ve tried to tell friends that, even though I have no physical or mental impediments, celibacy WORKS for all those of us who are called to it!

  • Dave says:

    “grounded in natural law” It is a known fact in the scientific community that same sex relationships occur regularly in nature and with some species it is the norm. To say that it is an abomination is to say God created that abomination. So, either you are judging God as making a mistake (save the free will argument since that is something that is supposed to be unique to humans so an animal wouldn’t have free will but naturally develops same sex pairings) or you must accept the same sex relationship as natural. This homophobic attitude is man’s law not God’s

    • PK says:

      If it was natural then the animal species that decides on this ‘same sex pairings’ that you talk about would be wiped out from the earth because they would never reproduce.

      • Kari says:

        Homosexual animals is a fallacy. This does not occur in nature. It may appear so because of the way they display dominance by mounting another male. Being homosexual does not preserve the species so therefore is unnatural.

    • Lonnie says:

      It is found in nature but it’s been proven that it is a mutation in the animals DNA which is brought on by the chemicals we have released into the environment via pesticides and the like. Therefore it is not Gods design it is human’s at fault.. Absolutely no scientific proof of a gay gene it’s been proven that it is a mutation caused by man. It is our fault therefore we must correct it or pay the price…

  • emily ward says:

    I think I have mixed feelings about this subject, What ever we are, we are created by God, he doesn’t make mistakes, so we are here for a purpose, even if it doesn’t seem so. I have said this before , on here, that we are given free will, and what we choose to do on earth , as long as we do not harm anyone, is really between each individual and God. For Crimes, the law would be the judge and be giving punishments, I imagine. The acts of any of us, are not going to be perfect, and we all do something that doesn’t gel with what is written in the bible, even if it is only to judge another. There are lots of married people, who behind closed doors, could be committing acts that are forbidden by God’s law. So whether you are heterosexual, or homosexual, you still have to answer to God. A lot of that answering will come in with the tides, like Jesus said,” throw your bread upon the water”, Some may come at the end of time, none of us can say when we will be asked to justify our lives, we just know that we will at some point. Celibasy is a commendable achievement, if one can completely achieve it, however, a friend once pointed out to me, that celibasy means , no sex of any kind, and even our thoughts can be tempted, so a celibate person would have to really work at this kind of achievement.
    Still good luck with that one.
    As for marriage, my big question is, why would homosexuals need to be married, if they are obviously going to do what ever they are doing. two guys don’t need a certificate to live together in our time, and it may be innocent flat sharing. The laws that go with marriage allowing a partner to be present when a loved one is in hospital or to know the intimate details of a condition, and the rights to property or money or material goods, can be achieved by going to a solicitor and simply making these things clear on a legal document.
    I believe in the marital laws of the Catholic Church and would not want to see them changed because soon things would get out of proportion and close relatives would be getting married, or children or any number of other partnerships. The marital law is a good law.

  • it’s not whether The Church allows it(gay-marriage). But, does GOD ALMIGTHY allow it? And, HE doesn’t!

  • ddo1961 says:

    the roman catholic church is not the Church. The rcc has no part in the body of Christ, the true church of Jesus Christ.

  • Billy says:

    It’s important to remember to respect other natural tendencies also. If your marriage includes blowjobs or buttsex your marriage is invalid in the eyes of God. Please for the sake of God only one p**** and one v*****.

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  • Kate says:

    How offensive to compare one’s relationship with a human being to a “plant” or “animal”. As our understanding of science and the natural law progresses I also hope our understanding of the reasons for marriage will progress as well.

  • David says:

    Free Will dictates that an individual has a choice in behavior. In that sense, Christ “allows” for any act. The Church, as Christ, cannot condone objective evil, but will offer and encourage a path back to unity with Christ and His Church. “Truth” is not a product of democratic vote or societal pressures, but of an eternal, unchanging Divine reality.

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