Croatia honors Our Lady of Loreto with one of the greatest Marian monuments ever

The coastal Croatian town of Primošten, about 20 miles south of Šibenik, will no longer be known only for its vineyards and beaches – it will be renowned as one of the largest Marian sites in the world.
A project is currently underway to erect a 55-foot statue of Our Lady of Loreto.
According to Total Croatia, Stipe Petrina, the mayor of Primošten, recently met with representatives of the Cammini Lauretani, which has been discussing the possibility of connecting Marian shrines throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

The representatives went to visit the Virgin Mary monument construction site March 4, 2017.

It is currently in its final stages of construction, with the municipality of Primošten stating: “This project is unique in Croatia and beyond. It has been an object of considerable interest and acclaim, and a blessing has been given by the Holy See and Pope Francis.”

Construction at the future site of a 55-foot Marian statue in Primosten, Croatia.Construction at the future site of a 55-foot Marian statue in Primosten, Croatia (Total Croatia News).

During the project meeting, discussions of project cooperation to promote the linking of religious Marian sites in Italy and Croatia are part of a greater development aimed at religious tourism.
The monument is set to be 55-feet tall and will be visible from Italy in clear weather.

The citizens of Primošten have kept Our Lady of Loreto close to their hearts and hold a traditional feast to honor her May 9 and tenth each year.

There is no word on when the monument is set to be completed but, with reports it is in its final stages of construction, many believe it will be concluded in time for the traditional feast.

By Kenya Sinclair

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