Crowdfunding campaign launched to save Welsh chapel where martyrs said Mass

The Gunter Chapel in Wales faces destruction unless funds can be raised to protect and repair it.

A new campaign is underway to save a 17th century chapel where two martyrs said Mass.
In 1678, it was reported to the House of Commons that two Jesuits, Philip Evans and David Lewis, had celebrated a “well attended” Mass at the Gunter Chapel in Abergavenny, Wales.
The two men were later arrested and condemned to death for their religion. Evans was executed on 22nd July 1679, and Lewis a month later on 27th August. They were subsequently canonised, the last Catholic martyrs of Wales.

The site is now in urgent need of protection and refurbishment.
The Welsh Georgian Trust, a charity and Building Preservation Trust, aims to raise £10,000 through crowdfunding.
The campaign is part of a number of efforts to raise enough money to purchase the site and carry out repairs.
The trust successfully negotiated an option to purchase the property at £150,000, but this expires at the end of the year. Repairs, estimated at £85,000, will follow.
The trust’s spokesperson, Andrew Beckett, speaking about the importance of the site, said: “It was drawing attention internationally because of its connection to the two saints. In the Catholic world it has huge significance. It is the last real tangible link – they prayed here.”
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