Cubs of the Caliphate are grown enough to kill

New execution photos reveal the results of brainwashing children raised and trained to one day become Jihads known as Cubs of the Caliphate.

ISIS is known for killing able-bodied men, elderly people and kidnapping, raping, enslaving and marrying women and young girls.

The young boys, however, are brainwashed and raised to remain numb as prisoners are killed.

The boys, called Cubs of the Caliphate, are trained in self-defense, combat, how to use weapons and, apparently, are now expected to kill prisoners.

According to Daily Mail, two boys who appear to be around 12-years-old were chosen to execute two alleged “crusader spies.”

The prisoners were dressed in the traditional orange jumpsuits and images of them in a dark room reveal handcuffs around their wrists.

The pictures were released with the words: “Capturing and eliminating a number of spies who worked for the Crusader coalition and their proxy #Rafidi.”


The alleged spies were forced to kneel so the young boys could shoot them.The alleged spies were forced to kneel so the young boys could shoot them.

The Cubs wore military fatigues and green hats. Each had a gun holster and wore black sandals.

Images of the boys pointing the guns at the crouched and cuffed prisoners were released, revealing a wooded area in the background and a small stream.

There was no picture of the actual shooting but another image revealed the bloodied corpses of the prisoners’ bodies on the ground.

The identity of the boys are currently unknown but it is clear they have been brainwashed into ignoring the sanctity of life.

Please pray for the children at the mercy of ISIS. Pray for their parents, the dead, the lost, the broken and the grieving.

Pray for change, peace and divine intervention.

By Kenya Sinclair


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  1. Patrick Gannon Reply

    It seems the Church is acknowledging the dangers, as well as the efficacy of indoctrinating children before they are capable of critical thinking. They are confirming that indoctrination works, that if you can get young minds early enough you can make them do anything you want by psychologically abusing them through religious indoctrination.

    Although the Church does not currently indoctrinate children as these ISIS kids are, nevertheless it uses the exact same techniques that it decries in this article, to twist the minds of young children before they are capable of critical thinking and are able to recognize the absurdity of what they are taught as young children. If it’s wrong for Muslims to indoctrinate their children according to their interpretation of their holy book, then why isn’t it wrong for the Catholic Church to indoctrinate the children of its congregants according to its interpretation of its holy book – which we know in the past, has been used to justify killing in the name of Yahweh many, many times. Once again we see the hypocrisy of the Church in calling out other religions for what the Church itself has done many times before, even if not in exactly the same way. Didn’t the mythical Jesus say something about letting those who are without sin cast the first stone…. The stones fly from the articles on this forum, but the prior sins of the Church itself are seldom if ever acknowledged.

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