Help to Hear and Observe the Word of God


O well-loved Mother, you who know so well the ways of Holiness and Love, teach us to lift our minds and our hearts often toward the Trinity, to fix upon it our respectful and affectionate attention. And since you travel with us along the road to life eternal, do not dwell apart from the weak pilgrims whom your charity so wishes to gather to yourself.


Turn your eyes of mercy upon us, draw us into your light, inundate us with your gentleness, bear us away into the Light and into Love, carry us ever further and higher into the splendors of heaven, that nothing can ever have the power to trouble our peace, nor cause us to lose the thought of God, but that every minute will bring us closer to the august Mystery until that day when our souls, fully blossoming in the sunlight of divine union, will see all things in eternal Love and Unity. Amen.


Venerable Marthe Robin


Marthe Robin († 1981) was a French mystic and stigmatist who was bed-ridden most of her life. [From Marthe Robin: The Cross and the Joy, Clare Will Faulhaber, Tr. © 1983, The Fathers and Brothers of the Society of St. Paul, ST PAULS/Alba House, Staten Island, NY. Used with permission.]

Raphael Benedict

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