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The Faith That Conquers Fear


I’ll finish my letter by saying this: let yourself be invaded by God. Live in him through faith. Hand yourself over to him. He won’t fail to take possession of your whole being. He is love; and we exist only because of his infinite goodness. Let’s breathe in, to put it that way, the divine milieu in which we live. God is in us…. Let’s adore him with faith. Everything changes when we look at this divine sun. May faith be the lens that reveals to you your Creator. A soul that has faith has everything, because it has God. Sufferings are transformed by faith.


The important thing is not to concentrate on the external. We should examine the source from which things are born, and faith will make it known: it’s God’s love which tries, refines, and purifies our soul. When you’re suffering, look at Jesus. He is loving you with tenderness, because you are participating in his cross, in the cross he carried in his most divine Heart from Bethlehem to Calvary. Place yourself and everything around you in that Heart of Jesus. Live abandoned to his holy will. From that abandonment, oneness with God will be born.



Saint Teresa of Jesus († 1920) was a Chilean Carmelite nun. She died at the age of 19. [From Letters of Saint Teresa of the Andes, Michael D. Griffin, o.c.d., tr.; Published by Teresian Charism Press. © 1994, Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Washington Providence. All rights reserved.]

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict

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