“What God has joined”


Unification is love, creative love. The activity of God outside himself does not proceed otherwise…. The creature totally filled with this love, with divinity, is the Immaculata, without the slightest stain of sin, the one who never deviated from God’s will in anything. She is joined in an ineffable manner with the Holy Spirit, because she is his Bride, but she is so in a sense incomparably more perfect than that word can convey in creatures.


Of what kind is that union? It is above all inner union; it is the union of her being with the being of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit dwells in her, lives in her, and that from the first moment of her existence, always and eternally. What does this life of the Holy Spirit in her consist of? He himself is love in her, the love of the Father and of the Son, the love with which God loves himself, the love of the whole Most Holy Trinity, fruitful love, conception. In created semblances the union of love is the closest union. The Scriptures assert that they will be two in one flesh (Gn 2:24), and Jesus emphasizes: Therefore now they are not two, but one flesh. In a way incomparably more rigorous, more interior, more essential, the Holy Spirit lives in the soul of the Immaculata, in her being and makes her fruitful, and that from the first moment of her existence for her whole life, that is forever…. Even the virginal womb of her body is reserved to him, who therein conceives in time—for all that is material occurs in time—also the divine life of the God-Man….


She then, woven into the love of the Most Blessed Trinity, becomes from the first moment of her existence, forever, eternally, the complement to the Most Holy Trinity. In the union of the Holy Spirit with her, not only does love unite these two beings but the first one of them is all the love of the Most Holy Trinity, while the second is all the love of creation. Thus, in this union heaven meets earth, all of heaven with all of the earth, all Uncreated Love with all created love; it is the highest expression of love.


Saint Maximilian Kolbe


Saint Maximilian Kolbe († 1941) was a Conventual Franciscan priest who spread devotion to the Blessed Virgin Mary through print and radio in Japan and his native Poland. He was martyred in Auschwitz. [From The Writings of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe, Volume II. © 2016, Nerbini International, Inscripta Sagl, Via Riviera 1, CH6900 Lugano, Italy. Used with permission.]

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