A Prayer After the Heart of John the Baptist


Your will be done.

Father, I firmly believe without hesitation,

that you work and act in me.

I am the object of your affection and tenderness.

I ask you to realize in me

all that can bring you greater glory.


I ask only for your glory,

that is enough to satisfy me and to make me happy;

this is my greatest aspiration,

the most urgent desire of my soul.

Father, I firmly believe

that you have entrusted me with a mission,

engraved entirely with your love.

You prepare the way for me.

I will not cease readying myself,

and being firm in my resolution.

Yes, I have resolved

to become a silent offering.

I shall serve as an instrument

in the Father’s hands.

I will offer my sacrifice,

moment by moment,

through my love for the Church.

Here I am, I am ready!

It is consummated.

My beloved Father!

United to the sacrifice

of the Eucharistic celebration…

I kneel at this moment

and speak this word

that comes from my heart: “sacrifice.”

A sacrifice that accepts humiliation as well as glory

a joyful and complete sacrifice

that sings of my hope and of all my love.


Venerable Francis Xavier Nguyên Văn Thuan

Cardinal Nguyên Văn Thuan († 2002) was imprisoned by the Vietnamese government for thirteen years. / From Prayers of Hope: Words of Courage, English edition. Copyright © 2012, Daughters of St. Paul/Pauline Books & Media, Boston, MA. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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