“Your sins are forgiven; rise and walk”


We believe in the remission of sins. Holy baptism completely destroys all sins, both original and personal: things said, things done, things thought, things known, things forgotten—all are discharged. He who created the person makes him anew; he who is one that does not look for merit remits sins: for grace precedes even this second infancy, so that, liberated through Christ, those who were once captives in Adam and bound by the devil are free.


That we will be raised, that we will be delivered from sin—that complete good will last forever…because it will last in eternal life. But what is that good which God promises to his saints? Death is not there, nor is mourning there, nor is weariness there, nor is sickness, nor is hunger; no thirst, no heat, no deterioration, no want, no sorrow, no sadness. Note, we have said what is not there, but do you want to know what is? Neither has the eye seen this, nor ear heard, nor has it occurred to the human heart what God has prepared for those who love him (1 Cor 2:9; Is 64:3). But if what is there has not arisen in the human heart, then let the human heart rise to it. Let the heart be cleansed from every impurity, so that it can carry God about, the true and eternal justice. For God dwells in the heart of the believer, and of the one who takes delight in him; for, indeed, man dwells in God, that is, in eternal life, which is the reward for loving God.


Saint Quodvultdeus of Carthage

Saint Quodvultdeus († c. 450) was a bishop who suffered exile after the Vandals captured Carthage in 439. His name means “what God wills,” and he is a Church Father. / From Quodvultdeus of Carthage: The Creedal Homilies. Translation and Commentary by Thomas Macy Finn. Copyright © 2004 by Thomas Macy Finn. Published by the Newman Press, an imprint of Paulist Press, Inc. New York/Mahwah, NJ. Used with permission.

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