Remain in peace, wholly given over and immolated to the Sacred Heart of our Lord Jesus Christ who, I am sure, will never forsake you. He will take very special care of you, in proportion as you trust in him, and abandon yourself with unswerving fidelity to him, whenever there is a question of proving your love.

Rely entirely on God with perfect confidence in his goodness, which never forsakes those who, distrusting themselves, hope in him. Do not be afraid to abandon yourself unreservedly to his loving Providence, for a child cannot perish in the arms of a Father who is omnipotent….

Let us have no further reserve with him; let us abandon to him all that we are, without anxiety about the future, not reflecting on ourselves and our incapacity…. Should you find yourself overwhelmed by fear, cast yourself into the abyss of the unshaken confidence of the Sacred Heart, and there your fear will give place to love. If you find yourself frail and weak, lapsing into faults at every moment, go to the Sacred Heart and draw from it the strength which will invigorate and revive you.


Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque

Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque († 1690) was a Visitandine nun to whom the Lord made many revelations of his Sacred Heart. [From Thoughts and Sayings of St. Margaret Mary for Every Day of the Year, The Sisters of the Visitation of Partridge Green, Tr. © 1986, TAN Books, Charlotte, NC ( Used with permission.]

Raphael Benedict

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