The Plea of Faith


Hail, my salvation and the light of my soul. May all that is encompassed by the path of heaven, the circle of the earth and the deep abyss give you thanks for the extraordinary grace with which you led my soul to experience and ponder the innermost recesses of my heart…. I became anxiously aware of the many things in my heart which would be offensive to your most chaste purity, and of all the other things so disordered and chaotic that my heart could offer no resting place to you who wished to dwell there. But no more…did this drive you away, Jesus my most beloved, or prevent your honoring me frequently with your visible presence on those days when I came to the life-giving food of your Body and Blood. Though I could see you no more clearly than one sees things at dawn, nonetheless with kindly condescension you induced my soul to exert itself, that it might be united with you more closely…. I cannot find the words to describe how you, the Dayspring from on high…visited me through the depths of your loving-kindness and sweetness.


Giver of gifts, give me this gift: may I henceforward offer on the altar of my heart a sacrifice of joy, that by my supplication I may win for myself and all those whom you have chosen the privilege of enjoying often that sweet union and unifying sweetness…. You endowed me with a clearer light of knowledge of you, in which the sweet love of your loveliness always attracted me more greatly than the harsh punishment I deserved ever castigated me. I do not remember, however, having ever enjoyed such fulfillment except on the days when you invited me to taste the delights of your royal table.


Saint Gertrude the Great

Saint Gertrude the Great († 1302) through her writing helped spread devotion to the Sacred Heart. [From Gertrud the Great of Helfta: The Herald of God’s Loving-Kindness: Books One & Two, Alexandra Barratt, Tr. Copyright 1991 by Cistercian Publications. Published by Liturgical Press, Collegeville, MN. Reprinted with permission.]

Raphael Benedict

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