Saint John the Baptist, Lover of Truth


Since the spirit of the world is rooted in self-love, it seeks the truth only if it is pleasing; it stands up for religion only if religion has approving supporters; it extols virtue only where virtue is fashionable. This, unfortunately, is the spirit guiding people, a timid and conniving spirit. Some people are afraid to belong to God….


The harshest combat of all in this world is that of speaking the truth of Christ to friend and foe alike and telling it in good times and in bad, secretly and openly, to prisoners and kings, to plebeians and patricians, in private and in public, without compromises or shame, not with a fearful heart but with a sublime disregard for dangers….


This is the combat Jesus Christ referred to when he told the Roman governor: For this was I born, for this have I come into the world: to give witness to the truth. The combat Jesus received from the Father and left as a heritage to his friends is love for the truth even to the shedding of blood!…


Especially in our day, [the Church] really needs people who will bring minds back to the study of the Gospel and Christian doctrine and thus bring Christ back into our families and into society. I am personally convinced that this is the greatest need.


Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini


Blessed John Baptist Scalabrini († 1905) was Bishop of Piacenza, Italy. [From Bishop John Baptist Scalabrini: A Living Voice: Excerpts from his Writings. © 1987, The Missionaries of Saint Charles-Scalabrinians. Oak Park, IL. All rights reserved.]

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