The Fruit of Mary


I should like to have lips that have been purified by fire to pronounce the name of Mary, and a gold pen to write it, in gold letters…. Oh what beauty is Mary’s! Her crown sparkles with diamonds shining like stars and these stars look brighter than the sun. But the light is most radiant on her breast and arms, where Jesus nestled…. Let me share my meditation on Mary with you:


You, Mary, were a Virgin in the world. Who would have thought you would ever be the Mother of God? You became the Mother of God because of your humility.


The angel of the Lord appears to Mary to announce her divine maternity. The Virgin, enlightened by the power of God, felt humbled to think that the Creator of heaven and earth was going to become her Son. The Angel spoke to the Virgin. Each time the Angel spoke to her, Mary humbled herself. O Mary, how humble you are, and how lovable in your humility!


Mary was also a model of faith. Oh, how pleasing that faith was to the heavenly Father! It was her faith that made Jesus grow in her more each day. If we have such faith, Jesus will also grow in our hearts…. On earth, children cannot be born without a mother; it is a woman who brings them into the world. And it is also a woman who brings us into heaven. And this woman is Mary. Ever since the Fall men have been waiting for the Fruit of Mary, the Fruit of the gentle, humble, holy Virgin. May you be blessed, Mary, may you be blessed!… Oh, thank you, Mary!


Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified


Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified († 1878), also known as Saint Mariam Baouardy, was a Carmelite nun in Bethlehem. She was canonized in 2015. [From Saint Mary of Jesus Crucified: Thoughts. © 1997, Congregation of the Sisters of Jesus Crucified, Brockton, MA.]

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