“A sower went out to sow”


From the mysterious bosom of the Father and from the virginal bosom of Mary there came forth, in the midst of the splendors of sanctity, the true Sower, the only Sower, Jesus [who] came to sow his words of eternal life, his seed—the only fruitful seed, the only seed that does not die, because it is the Word of God…. The biblical phrase the sower went forth to sow is applicable in its full extent to Jesus alone. For thirty-three years, the divine Sower sowed upon the earth. He sowed silently at Nazareth, sweetly on the Mount, lavishly in Tiberias, gloriously on Thabor, ineffably in the Cenacle, sorrowfully in Gethsemane and on Calvary. His seed is one and multiple, as the sacred Scriptures say: one because it is the Word of God; multiple because in that Word is everything—by him all things consist—light, love, counsel, hope, happiness….


In the footsteps of the divine Sower, there follows an innumerable host of sowers who continue to scatter over the earth the divine seed, one and multiple. All sow the word, each one in his particular way: virgins are sowers of purity; martyrs, of sacrifice; doctors, of wisdom. Some sow by their preaching, others by their example; some with their labors, others with their tears or their blood…. The Apostle Paul is the type of the sower of the words of life. He covered the earth, scattering abroad his seed. How much weariness, how many dangers, how much suffering he underwent to achieve the marvel of his great and fruitful sowing! Nineteen centuries ago, he went forth to spread his seed abroad, and he sows it still; for in these nineteen centuries, the vigorous word of Saint Paul has ever resounded.


I also am a sower, and I go forth to sow my seed, my very own, which sprang up in the depth of my heart, which was placed there by Jesus, and which by him was blessed and nurtured: the seed of Saint Paul, the seed of Christ, but a seed that has been made my own. I also go out into the world to scatter my seed, watering the furrow with my sweat and my tears. And as the fertile seed falls upon souls, my spirit contemplates the horizon of the future; it dreams of the golden harvest, the most rich harvest that someone will eventually gather in. May God implant hope and life in my words.


Servant of God Luis María Martínez


Archbishop Martínez († 1956) was a spiritual author, and the first official Primate of Mexico. [From Worshipping a Hidden God: Unlocking the Secrets of the Interior Life. © 2003, Sophia Institute Press, Manchester, NH. www.sophiainstitute.com. Used with permission.]



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