Enough for the “Vast Crowd”


It is estimated that in every second of the day and night four elevations of the Host take place. I never cease to wonder at this, or to rejoice in the knowledge that there is never a second of one’s life in which one cannot lift up one’s heart to God in the heart of Christ lifted up in the Host. I think, too, of all the places in the world where the Mass is being celebrated; of how Christ, who began his earthly life in a stable and ended it on a scaffold, has penetrated into every place and circumstance of human life, and has gathered every fragment of man’s love to be offered in sacrifice.


Think of all the places where Mass is being celebrated at this present moment, the very moment in which you are reading this page; all the cathedrals and all the churches of the world, all the tin huts and mud huts and make-shifts that are the best man can do in many mission fields…. In ships out on the deep seas, on battlefields and camps, in prisons and hospital wards, in the desert and the jungle, in the great cities of the world, in the cottages of faithful peasants in persecuted countries, and under the tall trees of lonely forests of exile.


Think too how everywhere where Christ is lifted up men are bowed down in adoration, soldiers, sailors, airmen, fishermen, men of every country, of every color, rich men and poor men, free men and prisoners, old men and young men, men of every craft and trade and profession, all adoring God, all in communion with one another, all in communion with the Holy Father, all in communion with you and me. And I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men to me.


Caryll Houselander


Caryll Houselander († 1954) was a British author, poet, and spiritual teacher. [From Lift Up Your Hearts. © 1978, H.J. Tayler, Arena Lettres, New York, NY. All rights reserved. ]

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