How We Pursue Him and Find Him


I would like to end this letter by speaking of prayer…. I am sometimes distracted, although distractions come and go without causing me any disturbance. I could almost say that I hardly advert to them. My will is united to God and no one can separate it from him. It is a fortress which no one can penetrate and Jesus is its master. I have given him the key and no one but he can enter…. Formerly it was not so. When distractions came, I would be disturbed and annoyed and fear that I had not done all I could to reject them. In this way I lost that complete quietude of spirit which is so necessary for conversing with God.


I am a child and Jesus treats me that way…. He wants me to see what I am and what I could be without him so that I will realize my incapacity for all things and will experience my own nothingness. At the same time, he makes me understand that he is within me and that I should be strong in faith and love…. Love gives us courage to carry the yoke of the Lord. Yes, love makes everything easy, and more than anything else, the practice of prayer. Prayer is such an urgent need for anyone who loves God that he cannot find anything else to replace it. And if for any reasonable cause he has to leave it, he seeks God in everything he does and he finds him. How good the Lord is to souls that seek him and how he lets himself be found in all places!


I believe that for now I have told you enough about my practice of prayer. It is so simple that there is not very much to say. It is the prayer of little souls, because everything in me is little, except my love. I do not want my love to be little; I want it to be great, very great. When God takes me in his arms, I give myself to him at once, without thinking of my unworthiness or smallness.


Venerable Mother Mary Magdalen of Jesus in the Eucharist, c.p.

Mother Mary Magdalen († 1960) was a Passionist nun from Spain and a spiritual writer. / From Toward the Heights of Union with God, Fr. John G. Eucharist Arintero, o.p., and Mother Mary Magdalen, c.p., Jordan Aumann, o.p., Tr. © 1972, Passionist Nuns Monastery, Erlanger, KY. All rights reserved.

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