The Lady Who Became a House for the Lord


The birth of the blessed and undefiled Mother of God justly brings human beings a special and indeed unparalleled joy, for it marked the beginning of all human salvation. Almighty God in his ineffable providence knew, even before human beings were created, that they would perish because of the devil’s intrigues, but, again before the ages began, his infinite love also formed a plan for their redemption. Not only did he establish, as part of this infinitely wise plan, the manner and order of redemption; he also determined beforehand the moment in time when he would carry out his plan.


Just as the human race could not be redeemed unless the Son of God were born of the Virgin, so too the Virgin had to be born from whom the Word was to become flesh. That is, first a house had to be built in which the King of heaven might deign to descend and be a guest. I refer to the house of which God said through Solomon: Wisdom built itself a house and hewed seven columns for it. This virginal house rested on seven columns, because the venerable Mother of God was endowed with the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. The bridal chamber had first to be constructed that would receive the bridegroom as he came for his marriage with holy Church.


Saint Peter Damian

Saint Peter Damian († 1072) was a Benedictine monk, theologian, and cardinal. He is a Doctor of the Church. / From Day by Day with Mary. © 2001, Brothers of the Order of Hermits of Saint Augustine, Inc., Augustinian Press, Villanova, PA. Used with permission.

Raphael Benedict

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