“Pressing upon him”


Our Spouse is a Doctor of Love who follows us and cures as they occur the little injuries of the journey. Our dispositions change quite often, but our love must not change, and the needle of our compass must be always turned toward the north of divine love. What do all our feelings and beautiful thoughts amount to? Nothing, absolutely nothing…. Let us just remain in peace, our eyes fixed upon the holy mountain whence comes our help. Look at Jesus and love him, that is all. It is heaven on earth, before being heaven above.

Recently a tiny shellfish gave me a lesson in interior recollection. I had difficulty in opening it because it resisted strongly, and I said to myself: “It is quite a vigorous little creature; no one would think it is so far from the sea.” It taught me a great lesson. I must be sufficiently filled with the water of recollection to resist as strongly as he did the pressure of work and various happenings of the day, anything that could make me lose the drop of water which makes possible my union with God….

True prayer, unending and indispensable prayer, is fidelity to the lights that Jesus may give us whenever he wants to do so…. That is what I understand by prayer, and to me it does not look difficult; it seems as easy as breathing fresh air. That is familiar to us, it is our particular grace, it was the particular grace of the Holy Family in Nazareth and Jesus in his public life. My Father never leaves me alone, because I do always the things that please him, Jesus said. Let us then try always to please our heavenly Father so as always to enjoy his presence.


Mother Agnes of Jesus, o.c.d.

Mother Agnes of Jesus († 1951) was the sister of Saint Thérèse of the Child Jesus, and prioress at the Carmel of Lisieux for over fifty years. / From Little Counsels of Mother Agnes of Jesus, o.c.d.: Saint Thérèse’s Sister, Pauline. © 1982, Carmelite Monastery, Grand Rapids, MI. Taken from her Life and Letters with the kind permission of the Office Central de Lisieux, France.

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