Seeing with the Eyes of Faith


O Judge, I ask you:…. “Why do you not cause your glory to be seen by humans in this life so that they may more fervently desire it? [And] since your saints and ­angels are more noble and more holy than all other ­creatures, why are they not seen by humans in this life?”…


[He answered:] “My glory cannot be spoken, and it cannot be compared to any other sweetness or goodness. Therefore, if my glory were to be seen as it is, then man’s perishable body would weaken and fail as did the senses of those who saw my glory on the ­mountain. And also because of the soul’s joy, the body would faint from its labor and would be incapable of physical ­activities. Therefore, because there is no entrance into heaven without the labor of charity, and so that faith may have its reward and the body may be capable of work, my glory is hidden for a time in order that, through desire and faith, it may be seen all the more fully and happily forever…. As to why the saints are not seen as they now exist, I answer: If my saints were seen openly and visibly spoke, they would be honored as I myself; and then too, faith would have no merit. Nor would the frailty of flesh be strong enough to see them. Moreover, my justice does not will that such brightness be seen by such frailty. Therefore, my saints are not heard or seen, as they now exist, in order that all honor may be shown to me and that man may know that no one is to be loved above me.”


Saint Bridget of Sweden


Saint Bridget († 1373) was a widow and a religious foundress. She is the patron saint of Sweden and co-patron of Europe.[From Birgitta of Sweden: Life and Selected Writings, edited by Marguerite Tjader Harris; translation by Albert Ryle Kezel. © 1990 by the Order of St. Birgitta, Rome. Translation, Notes and Foreword copyright © 1990 by Albert Ryle Kezel. Paulist Press, Inc., Mahwah, NJ. Reprinted by permission of Paulist Press, Inc.]

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