“Hail, full of grace!”

When you conceive the sun of righteousness, you like the moon are illumined by the good office of the blazing sun. The moon borrows from the sun the light [and] therefore whatever beauty it possesses it has through the gift of its borrowed splendor. When you bring forth the sun of righteousness, you are compared to the sun because of the close likeness. Just as the body of the sun is not injured or diminished when it puts forth its rays, so the bringing forth of the holy birth does not violate the mother. And you who are glorious as the sun, what is your offspring but the eternal splendor of a certain sun? This splendor shines everywhere, even in the darkness, and yet the darkness is not worthy to grasp it. Finally, this splendor enlightens every man coming into this world. But men have loved darkness more than light. But to you, Mother of Pity, the choice of the sun is fitting, for you reveal to all men the rays of eternal splendor.

Moreover, when you were taken up into the heavens from the evil world you were made terrible as an army in battle array to every spiritual wickedness. Therefore you were at the dawn at its rising, you possessed the beauty of the full moon while becoming full of grace [and conceiving] the Word made flesh. Rightly have you been compared to the sun, remaining without spot in childbirth. And in your passing-over, at which, amid heaven’s rejoicing, the angels reverencing, the saints exulting, and the banners of virtue waving, you have appeared a terror to demons.

Therefore, dear friend, all our confidence lies in the childbearing of our Virgin, and though I may be unworthy I shall not cease to dwell upon her praises.


Father Adam of Perseigne

Father Adam of Perseigne († c. 1221) was an abbot in a monastery in France and a counselor to nuns, priests, and kings. / From The Letters of Adam of Perseigne, Volume I, Number 21, Grace Perigo, Tr. © 1976, Cistercian Publications, Kalamazoo, MI. Used with permission.

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