Loving the Wisdom of God


I am yours and born for you,

What do you want of me?

Majestic Sovereign,

Unending wisdom,

Kindness pleasing to my soul;

God sublime, one Being Good,

Behold this one so vile.

Singing of her love to you:

What do you want of me?

Yours, you made me,

Yours, you saved me,

Yours, you endured me,

Yours, you called me,

Yours, you awaited me,

Yours, I did not stray.

What do you want of me?…

Look at me, Sweet Love,

Sweet Love, look at me,

What do you want of me?


Saint Teresa of Ávila

Saint Teresa of Ávila († 1582), Doctor of the Church, reformed the Carmelite Order. [From The Collected Works of St. Teresa of Ávila, Volume Three, Kieran Kavanaugh, o.c.d., and Otilio Rodriguez, o.c.d., Trs. © 1985, Washington Province of Discalced Carmelites, Inc., ICS Publications, Washington, DC. Used with permission.]



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