“Gathered Together” in Prayer


In prayer we should freely unburden ourselves to God, telling him, our Lord and Master, in the most familiar and confidential way everything, great and small, of heaven or of earth, much or little. Opening our heart and pouring it all out to him without reserve, recounting its burdens, its sins, its aspirations. Revealing our whole self, seeking repose in his company as with a friend on whom one relies and to whom one makes known alike the good and the bad. This is what Holy Scripture calls pouring out his heart like water in the divine presence, manifesting not only what is of importance but the least thing.


Seeing that divine providence governs all and that we can do nothing without its aid, it is wise to confer with God, for whatever good comes to us in any way it comes from him. Let there be no timidity in our supplications. He does not like it….


The hour of prayer having come, the soul who with holy impatience awaits that happy moment ought straightaway to answer the signal and hasten to receive the honor about to be conferred on her. She should then invoke the Holy Spirit, the Blessed Virgin, her good angel and such saints as she may choose to help her in her prayer and to remain with her while she is before God. She should gather together all her powers and say to herself: My soul, you are about to appear before God to hold converse with him, a truce to all else.


Saint Jane Frances de Chantal


Saint Jane Frances de Chantal († 1641) co-founded the Order of the Visitation with Saint Francis de Sales. [From The Jewels of Saint Jane Frances de Chantal, Monsignor William J. Doheny, c.s.c., Tr. Copyright © 1980. All rights reserved.]

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