How We Are Made Pure Inside


Life and every daily action come from a heart that has been healed and renewed. These are not just words but facts. Therefore, we must honestly admit that our God is a living God who lives and walks with us…. Many people continue to wait. They say, “I want to understand God’s will for me.”… Jesus is the living Word that speaks thousands of times both day and night with thousands of voices, because he wants us to hear and understand!… Our heart is restless, tired, and full of fears until it rests in Jesus’ heart. To be true witnesses and to proclaim him to those who still don’t know him, we must begin to listen to Jesus, without telling ourselves any more lies.


Even the drug addicts tell us this!… Encountering Jesus, their lives have become a celebration. They show it to us through their dancing, suffering, crying, working, and singing. They reveal it to us by their transformed lives. I would like to repeat to you throughout your life the words that John Paul II proclaimed to us the first day of his pontificate: “Open, open wide the doors to Christ!” Let’s open our heart and our life! People need hope, trust, love, peace, everything! We are the ones who can satisfy their hunger. We are the broken bread that humanity needs today. Young people, the world needs you, and only by forgiving will you be free and able to love everyone and everywhere, at all times. Think of how beautiful it can be to love everyone everywhere. Love is the most profitable activity. You gain so much more by loving. You don’t lack anything! Love gives you life, and with life you have everything! I met Jesus, and I desire so much that each of you can meet him too!


Mother Elvira Petrozzi


Mother Elvira is the foundress of Comunità Cenacolo, which welcomes the lost and desperate in seventy-one houses in twenty countries. [From Sparks of Light: From the Heart of Mother Elvira, Comunità Cenacolo, The Association of St. Lawrence. Used with permission.]

Raphael Benedict

Raphael Benedict is a Catholic who wants nothing but to spread the catholic faith to reach the ends of the world. Make this possible by always sharing any article or prayers posted on your social media platforms. Remain blessed

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