“O woman, great is your faith”


Very often, as is seen throughout Scripture and ­history, it is because of women that men are able to listen to God and to live the mystery of grace with its demands.


Mary, Mother of God,

you are the model of faith for all of us—

men and women.

You are the representative of all humanity,

because you welcomed the most sublime

of all graces:

the presence of God on earth.

God’s presence transforms all things,

even if no exterior change is apparent.

The most marvelous mystery in the history

of humanity

was accomplished through your offering

and collaboration:

God became man.

For having believed, you are blessed

and worthy of praise.

Your existence is the fountain of joy and blessing

for all women and men who believe

as you believed.


Venerable Francis Xavier Nguyên Văn Thuân

Cardinal Nguyên Văn Thuân († 2002) was imprisoned by the Vietnamese government for thirteen years. [From Prayers of Hope, Words of Courage. © 2012, Daughters Xavier of St. Paul, Pauline Books & Media, Boston, MA. All rights reserved. Used with permission.]

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