The Prayer of a Good Servant


O my God, I desire to live as a victim offered in a spirit of penance and love. Then let me prepare all that is needed for a sacrifice of love whose perfume will rise even to the Heart of Jesus. May my whole being be the victim, all that I am and all that I have. May my own heart be the altar, my separation from the world and all earthly pleasures the sacrificial knife. May my love be the consuming fire, and my yearning desires the breeze that fans it.


Let me pour on it the incense and perfume of all virtues, and to this mystical sacrifice let me bring all that I cling to, that I may offer all, burn all, consume all, keeping back nothing for self. O Divine Love, my very God, accept this sacrifice which I desire to offer you at every instant of my life.


Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

Saint Rose († 1852) founded the first houses in America of the Religious of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. [From Philippine Duchesne: Frontier Missionary of the Sacred Heart 1769-1852, Louise Callan, r.s.c.j. © 1957, The Newman Press, Westminster, MD.]

Raphael Benedict

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