The smallest of seeds


The task that the world at present offers us, the moral renewal, the transformation and education of souls, is so immense that it may well confound us. What can be done in the face of evil and indifference by someone as obscure as I? Nothing of myself, no doubt, but all through and with God. I believe that in the good there is a great expansive force; I believe that no humble, unknown act or thought, seen by God alone, is lost, and that all, in fact, contribute to the good of others. I believe, according to the saying…that “when we do good we know not how much good we do.”


What we have to do is to work on ourselves, to accomplish our own inner transformation, to fulfill our obligations and do all the good that we can, each day and each hour. Above all, we must ask God to fill us with an intense charity. Charity is the love of God that renews and transforms us and our lives, and becomes the hidden source of our actions, our love of all creatures, our powerful and vital love of souls, our love of all who suffer and grieve. Such love can save the world. Why complain when we can act? Why hate, since hate destroys, when that divine love enlivens and transforms our hearts?


Servant of God Elisabeth Leseur


Elisabeth Leseur († 1914) was a French married laywoman whose cause for canonization is underway. [From Elisabeth Leseur: Selected Writings, edited, translated, and introduced by Janet K. Ruffing, r.s.m. © 2005 by Janet K. Ruffing, r.s.m., Paulist Press, Inc., New York/Mahwah, NJ. Reprinted by permission of Paulist Press, Inc.

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