Bringing Our Burdens to Jesus and Mary


I want Jesus to be your intimate friend, to whom you may entrust your heart, tired and filled with sorrow. Who can fathom the intensity, the torrent of worries pouring over you as can our Lord who delves into our deepest hearts, and with delicate touch can touch those painful wounds whose depths even we ourselves don’t understand? Oh how your life would be transformed if you went to him often as to a friend! Can you be thinking Jesus won’t want to welcome you as a friend? If that’s what you thought, it would be a sign you don’t know him. Jesus is all tenderness, all love for his sinful creatures. He dwells in the tabernacle with his heart open to receive us, waiting for our arrival that he may console us. How many times have you yourself told me how happy you’ve felt receiving Communion! That’s because at that moment your soul, free from all its burdens, felt the presence of its God, the only One who can satisfy us. And besides, why fear going to Our Lord, when he himself told us that he is the Good Shepherd, that he was laying down his own life to ransom the lost sheep? And he said he would go in search of one sinner. So…all of us, despite our being sinners, can draw near to him. We’re his children who must put our trust in his Heart, full of fatherly tenderness.


You can’t imagine how much I’ve prayed for you and for all your concerns, that they may turn out for the best…. I’ve especially entrusted you to the Most Holy Virgin. I trust that she will hear me, protecting you at every moment. I’ve prayed that she might dry away your tears and bring peace to your life so full of trial and be your companion always in loneliness. Above all, I beg the Most Holy Virgin to be your Advocate, your tender and loving Mother, your Protectress at that terrible moment of death. Call upon her always…especially when your soul is struggling with discouragement. Say to her then: “Mary, show me that you are my Mother.” Call upon her when you’re struggling to fulfill your Christian duties. Beg her to make you her true son…. When you are suffering look at your Sorrowful Mother.


Saint Teresa of the Andes
Saint Teresa of the Andes († 1920) was a Chilean Carmelite nun. She died at the age of nineteen. [From Letters of Saint Teresa of the Andes, Michael D. Griffin, o.c.d., Tr. © 1994, Discalced Carmelite Friars of the Washington Providence, Teresian Charism Press. All rights reserved.]

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