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Damascus Nuncio decries the usage of hunger as weapon in Syria

Mgr Mario Zenari, the Apostolic Nuncio of Damascus exclaimed in distress the unfair usage of hunger to fight the Syrian Civil war.
“Using hunger, and thirst, as a weapon of war is a crime, a shameful thing,” he said.
“I am surprised that the international media is just talking about it now,” he told AsiaNews. “In some places, people have been dying of hunger for more than a year with lorries full of food, milk, and medicines, just waiting outside”.
“This situation must be solved by eliminating the root cause of the conflict,”Mgr Mario Zenari continued.
Mgr Zenari said he understands the fact that there may be “difficulties,” but “there are no ‘excuses’ because there is food and medicines out there, as well as lorries, yet people are dying of hunger.”
“We must acknowledge that various bodies, including the United Nations as well as the Red Cross and the Red Crescent Society, have been working steadily and quietly to broker deals to ensure the arrival of aid.” To this, we must add “the efforts of the Church and individual priests, nuns and religious whose presence provides an important reference point in humanitarian terms.”

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