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Day 6 novena to the Sacred Heart: With Pope Francis through Jesus’ 5 wounds

Sixth petition: That I may love you Jesus, by loving my brothers and sisters


Day 6: That I may love you Jesus, by loving my brothers and sisters


We are among the wounds of Jesus, as you have said, Madam. …


However, it is interesting: When Jesus resurrected, he was very beautiful. He had neither bruises nor wounds on his body… nothing! He was even more beautiful! He wanted only to keep his wounds and to carry them with him to Heaven. Jesus’ wounds are here and in Heaven before the Father. We heal the wounds of Jesus here and he, from Heaven, shows us his wounds and says to us all, to all of us: “I am waiting for you!” Let it be so!


With sick and disabled children in Assisi: 10/4/2013


On the altar, we worship the flesh of Jesus; in these our brothers and sisters, we encounter the wounds of Jesus.


To the sick in Fatima: 5/13/2017


Conclude by praying five Our Fathers, as you contemplate each of Jesus’ five wounds. This is the invitation of Pope Francis:


Do not forget this: look at the crucifix, but to look within it. There is this beautiful devotion to pray an Our Father for each one of the five wounds: when we pray that Our Father, we seek to enter through Jesus’ wounds inside, inside, right to His heart. And there we will learn the great wisdom of Christ’s mystery, the great wisdom of the cross.


Angelus: 3/18/2018

Background on Pope Francis’ devotion to the Five Wounds:


With repeated references in homilies and meditations, Pope Francis has revealed his special devotion to the Five Wounds of Jesus.


The Holy Father sees in this devotion a path to arrive to the Sacred Heart, and there to find that this heart is the beating heart of Divine Mercy.


He also sees it as a path to draw close to suffering humanity, and to recognize that Jesus has taken his wounds to the Father in order to pray for his wounded brothers and sisters.


Let us meditate on the Five Wounds with Pope Francis as a novena in preparation for the Feast of the Sacred Heart, which this year falls on June 19.

Previous days


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Join us for the following petitions in the coming days.


That I may find you praying for me

That I may behold your wounded beauty

That I may commit myself to you as my God

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