Did Jesus break Old Testament Law by telling his followers to drink his blood?

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Jews were prohibited from drinking blood by the Old Testament. So if the Catholic idea about the Eucharist as the “Blood of Christ” is correct, didn’t Jesus break the Law of God?


Nope. He fulfilled it. “The blood is the life,” as the Torah taught the Jews, and the life of a creature belongs to God. Hence the Jews were to pour the blood out on the earth, not because it was too vile but because it was too sacred. They were to seek their life, not from any creature, but from God himself. How fitting then that when Jesus (Who is the Life [Jn 14:6]) comes we are commanded to drink his blood (Mt 26:27–28). His is the blood we not only may but must drink if we are to have life in us (Jn 6:53). It is the reality of which all other blood is an image (Heb 9).

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  1. Nobody drank His blood. It is spiritual blood. And nobody broke His body either. Well, I mean the Roman soldiers did, so at the Passover meal that, too was spiritual.

  2. No, because they weren’t drinking his actual blood at the last supper. They were drinking wine that symbolized his blood, just like the bread they were eating wasn’t Jesus’s actual flesh. In any case, Jesus became one with the law when he died on the cross so the point was made moot by that act. Your obedience to the laws of God is through Jesus now, and not through obedience to letter of the law itself because God knows that no man is capable of being obedient to every aspect of the law, the desire to be sinful is too strong in us. That was why Jesus was sent to to us in human form to minister to us and to die for us.

    • Jesus turned water to wine and He is alive today so is His Command. Yes the Holy Eucharist is Spiritual Above all else but even more so that even satanists try to steal it every chance they can not from any other “church” except the Roman Catholic Church and Orthodox church, the origins of Christ and Christianity of His Command. It is shameful that people claiming to be Christians have less belief in the Living Word of Christ than satanists. Indeed it is a Mystery I partake in every Sunday with no visible Sign but I know Jesus” Word is Alive as He Is Alive.

  3. SO DISGUSTING.. drink what you want. i dont care. but TORAH teaches NOT to SACRFICE children and NOT murder the innocent and NOT to eat the flesh of a living creature and NOT to drink the blood.. BECUZ the soul is in it.. it is the EPITOME of LAW BREAKING to partake of the TRANSUBSTANTIATION. the SCHISM from ROME was motivated by this VERY ACT of ritualized DEICIDAL CANNIBALISM. the eucharist is just a white go wash and gargle in the blood of the egyptian up in front of the JUDGE covered in BLOOD of the VICTIM of your COLLUSION to commit murder and plead “not guilty” AMUNRA!!

    • Not even the hosts in heaven fully comprehend God whose love and majesty is far beyond any living and non-living being. God can be a very forgiving God. Let us speak God’s truth of what you truly know comes from God who is an everlasting presence that chooses to make messages and commands known to us be it directly or indirectly.
      Let us not forget God commands, punishes & rewards according to God’s laws and chooses who to save on judgment day!
      In the name of The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Amen.

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