Did Martin Luther repent before he died?

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Did Martin Luther repent before he died?


It is rumored that Luther asked for the last rites but was refused them, and that he said, “It is easier to live as a Protestant, but it is better to die as a Catholic.” However, neither assertion has been substantiated by reliable sources. The best evidence supports that Luther died with a prayer on his lips, but unfortunately not one of repentance. He may have even taken a shot at the Catholic Church at the end. In any event, in this year of the quincentennial of the Reformation, let us pray for the repose of Luther’s soul and the restoration of unity among all Christians in Christ’s one Catholic Church.
By Tom Nash


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  1. Patrick, only evil people would attack God the way you just did, only those who cherish sin can do what you just did, in a nutshell, never you say that again, you can’t accuse God. Going to he’ll is a human decision and not God’s, he wills to save all mankind, that is why he made it clear by giving you freewill. He consider us to be gods and just one thing is lacking to make us like him, immortality. And it is that which is the soul and just needs activation from his maker to live forever either in hell or in paradize with his love, hell is not a good place for the righteous as well as paradise is not a good place for the unrighteous. He would have been blame if he giveth not to man freewill. To be damned is a choice as well as glorification . Try to know who God is m

  2. Eye has not seen ear has not heard nor has it come into the mind of man to know what God has prepared for those who love Him. I am content with the words of Christ.

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