Did Pope Francis change the Ten Commandments?

Pope Francis has been the target of fake news, once again. This time he is accused of changing the Ten Commandments. The allegation of course, is false, like most other claims about him.
The fake story, which has gone viral in some circles, claims Pope Francis changed the Ten Commandments to make same-sex parenting and adultery permissible, and forbade self-glorification and genetic engineering. The story was published on a little-known fake news site, “Real News Right Now.”
The site itself features a number of ridiculous articles, such as a claim that “1 in 5 Americans spoke to Russian Ambassador Before Election,” and that Donald Trump said the Earth is flat.
Pope Francis is a popular and influential person, which makes him a popular target for fake news. While the allegation the Pope changed the Ten Commandments is an attempt at satire, the problem is real. Even the mainstream media habitually misinterprets the Pope’s words to manufacture controversy, and to suggest sensationalism on his part.
Historically, Pope Francis has been accused of authorizing gay marriage and of saying atheists go to heaven. These claims are false, but the pop media tends to sensationalize his words to co-opt the Pope into supporting their agenda.
Anyone who is concerned about the Pope and his statements should have care to get their news about him from a credible, magisterial source such as Catholic Online or in raw form, direct from the Vatican.
By Marshall Connolly

Raphael Benedict

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