Did you know Padre Pio ‘flew up’ to stop Allied forces from bombing his monastery during WWII

Pio stops a bomber in the air

During the Second World War, Nazi Germany invaded Italy and Allied forces tried many times to liberate the country. According to a couple of accounts, intelligence reported a cache of German munitions near San Giovanni Rotondo where Padre Pio lived.

Padre Pio had assured the people no bomb would touch their small city. He kept his promise by later doing the impossible.

In his book Padre Pio and America Frank Rega wrote:

“None of the Allied planes sent to bomb the San Giovanni Rotondo area were able to complete their missions successfully. There were often mysterious malfunctions, causing the bombs to drop harmlessly in the fields, or mechanical failures which caused the planes to veer off course.”

Most remarkable of all were stories of a “flying monk”.
Here’s the account:

“Suddenly, the pilot saw in front of his plane the image of a monk in the sky, gesturing with his arms and hands for the plane to turn back. The shocked pilot did just that, and jettisoned his bombs elsewhere. When he returned to the base and told his story, his commanding officer decided it was best to put this pilot in a hospital under observation for mission-fatigue.”

The American pilot could not shake the image from his mind and after the war, he asked who Pio was. Eventually, he made the journey to San Giovanni Rotondo and recognized the “flying monk” as St. Padre Pio.

This story seems like an empty “tall tale” to many, however, the fact is San Giovanni was never hit during the war. Also, many pilots reported seeing the “flying monk” in the sky whenever they tried to unload on San Giovanni.

This shows how much of his power God is willing to share with his children. It does not happen to everyone and it is not something to be coveted or desired. Padre Pio received all these gifts even though he did not want any of them. His humility is what made it possible for a man as gifted as Pio to eventually become a saint.

Padre Pio stops a bomber in the air. What are your thoughts?

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