Do any other faiths believe in transubstantiation?

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Do any other faiths believe in transubstantiation– Episcopalians, for example?


The Eastern non-Catholic Churches, including the Eastern Orthodox, also share the Church’s faith in transubstantiation, though they do not call it that.
Typically Episcopalians do not believe in transubstantiation but in a concept of the Real Presence that would best be termed consubstantiation (though they don’t use this term), since it holds that both Christ and bread and wine are present.


  • Mike Loria says:

    I thought Anglican and Methodists believe in the the real presence

    • kevin says:

      Protestant s deny transubstantiation. ..so they deny Christ….Only One Church has got the fullness of the Truth, the Catholic Church….Amen

  • Judy says:

    I agree with Kevin

  • Mike O says:

    That they deny Christ, I do not know, perhaps unintentionally. Let us pray at the consecration that Jesus will enlighten them and bless them will the faith to believe☺️

  • Becky r says:

    some Lutherans say they do

  • Lori Chamblin says:

    Believing or not believing in the Real Presence isn’t the total issue. It’s what actually takes place (Transubstantiation) during the consecration through the priests that have been ordained by the Church via Apostolic succession. Without that, there is no Real Presence, it’s only bread and wine (or grape juice as served in some assemblies).

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